Whenever we think of Shashi Tharoor, we are immediately reminded of his exemplary speeches. The Member of Parliament for Thiruvananthapuram has left us scratching our heads with his ‘not so regular’ exotic vocabulary and there is indeed lots to learn from this politician. Probably he reads dictionaries more often than we think, right? Well, if that is what you think, let me tell you what has led to this author of 18 books becoming the most sought after orator in the country.

It appears, the Congress MP was at a college event when a student asked him to give them a word of the day from his vocabulary, reports IE. The former diplomat was quick to respond to the pupil’s question. He took to social media to share his response and that’s a lesson all of us should learn.

In the video Shashi says:

“I’ll give you a very simple and very old word. Read. That’s the only way I acquired my vocabulary. People think that I am some sort of nut case who studies the dictionary all day long. I have barely opened a dictionary in my life, but I have read extensively. And if you read widely, you read extensively and you come across the same word in their different contexts, in three different books, you will understand the meaning and the usage very quickly.”

He went on to say:

“The reason I was like that is, of course, I had some advantages over all of you. I have lived in an India without television, without computers, without Nintendo, without PlayStation, without mobile phones. And I was an asthmatic child so I was very often confined to bed unable to breathe.

All I had was books, books were my escape, books were my education. And because I read and I read above my age-level, anything I get my hands on. I developed the kind of mind that God has now blessed me with and I acquired the vocabulary that comes with it. So my only advice to all of you is read, read and read.”

“The more you read the better your vocabulary will be,” Tharoor adds.

Twitter was in awe of the MP's advice to the student and added that the younger generation should follow the advice and read more.

Source: Storypick.com

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