Sharjah, July 18: Mohammad Aftab Alam, the father of a 15-year-old missing Indian boy in Sharjah, on Thursday offered a reward of 5,000 dirhams to anyone who finds his son.

Mohammed Pervez has been missing from his home in Sharjah's Muweilah area since July 4. It is believed that the boy got upset with his mother who stopped him from watching a show on YouTube and snatched his smartphone, Gulf News reported.

"I would just like to see him come home safe. We have been praying all day since he's disappeared," Alam told Gulf News.

"We will give 5,000 dirhams to anyone who produces any kind of information about my son. anything, I just want him back."

On Thursday, Alam travelled with Sharjah police authorities to Kalba, Fujairah, in search of his son. They were accompanied by child protection officials. The police said they will not intervene in any efforts made by the family to find their son.

"A three-member team of the child protection team took me to Kalba where my brother Mohammad Firoze Alam lives. We were hoping to find some clues there," Alam said.

Several leads have been chased since Pervez went missing but none has panned out so far, the report said.

As per reports, the Grade IX student got upset and went missing after his mother chided him for watching a historical Hindi drama on YouTube and snatched his smartphone.

The boy's father said Pervez had just 8 dirhams with him.

"How long can it possibly last? At first we thought he would come back in the afternoon but when he didn't show up until late evening we got worried and alerted the police.

Now, his desperate family has been holding onto hope and fervently praying for the boy's safe return.

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New Delhi: The 'encounter' killing of the four men accused in the rape and murder of a woman veterinarian in Hyderabad touched a deep chord on Friday with 400,000 tweets and counting in just a few hours, some cheering and others concerned at what they saw as one more instance of vigilantism.

The deep schisms on the incident were reflected on Twitter and other social media sites as thousands of people aired their views, many recalling that Cyberabad Commissioner V C Sajjanar, who carried out the "encounter" was involved in a similar incident in 2008.

Hashtags like #justiceforDisha, #encounter, and #Hyderabadhorror started trending on Twitter from early on Friday. Many people took to the microblogging site to thank and celebrate the police officer for "delivering justice" for a second time.

In 2008, when Sajjanar was the superintendent of police in Warangal, he had shot dead three young men a day after their arrest in an acid attack case.

"2008: Warangal Acid attack perpetrators killed in an #Encounter. 2019: Hyderabad #DishaCase perpetrators killed in an #Encounter. Name: VC Sajjanar. Job: Delivering Justice, one bullet at a time. #JusticeForDisha," tweeted one user.

"Remembering the encounter of Warangal Acid case accused in this context. Now after 4 accused in #Justicefordisha have been shot dead , salute to the man behind this prevention of escape IPS VC sajjanar. #Thankyousajjanar," wrote another.

Friday's "encounter" took place in the early hours of Friday when the four men were taken to the scene of the crime near Hyderabad for a reconstruction of events as part of the investigation.

According to a senior police official, the accused snatched weapons from police and fired on them and then tried to flee. The police fired back in retaliation, resulting in their deaths, he said.

The four men were arrested on November 29 for allegedly raping and killing the woman by smothering her and later burning her body.

The hashtag #humanrights also started catching on with as more than 20,000 tweets till late afternoon, as more and more people argued that human rights are not meant for rapists.

"When terrorists and Maoists were encountered without any court trial then why rapists be left ..#EncounterNirbhaya rapists who were fed like pigs in Tihar jail since 7 years should also be encountered like mad dogs in the streets of Delhi.#humanrights only for humans not brutes," one user wrote.

Another tweeted, "#HumanRights are only for humans not Monsters. Rapiest = Monsters They only deserve #Encounter."

In the chorus, there were some who made themselves heard with their criticism of the police action.

Lawyer-activist Vrinda Grover called the killing of the accused "absolutely unacceptable", and added that the act only added to the state's "arsenal of unlimited arbitrary violence!" in the name of equality for women.

"SAY NO TO TRIGGER TRACK INJUSTICE! This is absolutely unacceptable. So all that the state will do in the name of ensuring that women live as equal and free citizens is to add to its arsenal of unlimited arbitrary violence!

"Supreme Court of India has directed that in every encounter case - There must be an FIR registered against the police and an investigation; and an independent judicial enquiry into this 'encounter'. No Investigation, no Prosecution, these killings distract the public and save the police and state from any accountability. NO POLICE 'ENCOUNTER' IN THE NAME OF WOMEN," she wrote on Facebook.

Women's rights activist Kavita Krishnan shared All India Progressive Women's Association's (AIPWA) statement on "Hyderabad Fake Encounter: No Custodial Killing In Our Name" on both Twitter and Facebook.

According to the statement, the "encounter" had "all the hallmarks of a custodial murder, dressed up to look like an encounter".

"We, as a country, will now be told that "justice" has been done, the victim avenged... But this justice is counterfeit.

"A system that offers murder as "justice" is a system that is telling women - we can't ensure the streets are safe, can't investigate crimes against women to ensure there's enough evidence to prove guilt, can't protect rape survivors (one was burnt alive yesterday in UP), can't ensure that survivors get dignity in Court," it read.

Supreme Court lawyer Karuna Nundy asked if the four men were innocent and if so what happens to the actual culprits.

"Now nobody will ever know if the four men killed by the police were innocent men, arrested fast to show action. And whether four of the most brutal rapists roam free, to rape and kill more women. #EncounterNight #Encounter," she wrote.