Indian Social Forum on Tuesday issued a press release condemning the police atrocities at the Jamia Millia, Aligarh Muslim University and Darul-Uloom campuses. The press statement asserted that the central government has been legislating and enacting laws that are disregarding the dignity of the constitution of the country and has been setting up wrong image of the country in front of the world.

“Indian Social Forum, Saudi national executive committee vehemently condemned the police atrocities at Jamila Millia, Aligarh Muslim University & Darul-Uloom campuses. Since the central govt. has been legislating and enacting laws disregarding the dignity tradition and due process of the constitution of the country, the whole world is witnessing a paradigm shift from the principles of secularism and democracy to an authoritarian rule by curtailing the freedom of expression and the right to protest peacefully and democratically” the press release stated.

The forum also added that the government was distracting itself from giving hopes and aspirations to the youth by creating employment and is involved in dividing the people of the country on religious line with legislatures like Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and National Register of Citizens (NRC)

“Rather than giving hopes and aspirations to the youth by creating employment opportunities and paving the way for development of country, the government of the country is dividing its people on religious grounds under the pretext of implementing the Citizenship Amendment Bill and National Register of Citizens” it added.

“The entire people of country are fed up with the hollow rhetoric of the govt. and are compelled to register their protest against this divisive law, CAB. But the police stormed the Jamia Millia University campuses instead of addressing the issue the prime minister has played a communal card and his party leaders spread fake news to defame the peaceful protestors, which is quite shameful and does not have any place in a democratic set up. The futile exercise of the govt. to suppress public opinion by force will only put the country to shame before the world and we request all, including political party leaders to strongly but peacefully oppose this unconstitutional act meant to divide the country on the basis of religion” the press statement further stated.

The press statement was released during a meeting that was chaired by Ashraf Morayur (President) and was attended by Abdul Ghani, EM Abdullah, Haris Mangalore, Basheer Karanthoor, Waseem Udupi, Ashraf Puthoor, Mujahid Pasha Bangalore.

Haris Mangalore welcomed the executive members and EM Abdulla proposed the vote of thanks at the meeting.

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Bengaluru: Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee (KPCC) President, DK Shivakumar on Monday added that the Congress party was not against the construction of Ram Temple in Ayodhya.

In a tweet from the official twitter handle of Karnataka Congress, the State Congress President was quoted as saying that Sri Ram and Hinduism was part of the culture of India and was not limited to one political party.

He further added that the BJP has always politicized the issue by playing with the sentiments of the people and the Congress in not involved in such activities.