Bhatkal: More than 24-hours after a young 16-year old boy went missing in a local dam in Bhatkal where he reportedly went for swimming on Wednesday, locals were unable to trace him even after continuous search operation.

Ibrahim Abida, who returned from Umrah Pilgrimage on Wednesday morning went for a swimming outing with his friends in the evening and was reportedly washed away in the flowing water in the dam as it was gushing owing to the heavy rain the region experienced for the last few days.

Locals however complained that the police department and coast guard were helpless without adequate equipment and team of swimmers which has left the whole task of looking for Ibrahim, down to the local youngsters who have been looking for Ibrahim, voluntarily for last 24-hours.

Locals expressed their anguish over non co-operation from the police department. “The department being helpless in such cases is a sorry-state of our administration. Except Tahsildar, no senior officer of administration has visited the spot where hundreds of people are looking for and anticipating the search operation of a youngster” one of the social worker told Vartha Bharati.

Speaking to Vartha Bharati over phone call Bhatkal Circle Police Inspector Ganesh KL added that the police team along with coast guard were doing their bit and were looking for youngster in areas like Shirali and nearby sea waters.

“We have been doing our bit since yesterday. The coast guard is also active with their equipment and are looking for that boy, so far we couldn’t trace him but our efforts will continue” Ganesh said.

Imtiyaz Udyawar, President of Bhatkal Muslim Youth Federation which is leading the search operation voluntarily along with several youngsters of the town added that organisation had arranged a boat for the search operation voluntarily and that the coast guard and police were doing little in the search operation.

“We have arranged a boat for ourselves to pace our search operation. The police and coast guard were not of any significant help. Bhatkal Tahsildar however arranged kerosene for us immediately so that we can begin our search operation with the boat. It was of great help” he said.

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Mumbai, Jul 21: Veteran actor Naseeruddin Shah Sunday expressed solidarity with the family members of those killed in incidents of mob lynching in the country.

Speaking at a national convention on the theme of 'state complicity in hate crimes' in Dadar here, Shah said the victims and kin of mob lynchings have suffered a lot.

The event was organised by Democratic Youth Federation of India.

"I feel proud to be with them (kin of victims) in this programme and salute their courage. They have faced a lot more than us in their life. We have faced not even two per cent of their sufferings," he said.

The actor said he had often been often criticised for his remarks.

"Some called me a traitor, some asked me to go to Pakistan. But these taunts were nothing in comparison with the pain of those people who suffered mob attacks," he said, adding that "My admiration, sympathy and company will always be with these people".

In the past, Shah had been criticised sharply over his comments on rising incidents of mob violence in the country.

He had said that the death of a cow was being given importance over killing of a policeman in mob lynching in Bulandshahr.

Shah had said that he was worried for children in today's India because he imagines a situation where his children may be surrounded by an angry mob and asked: "Are you Hindu or Muslim?" 

His comments had drawn sharp reactions from political quarters.