Mangaluru: Hundreds of Muslim men and women turned up at the city’s Nehru Maidan on Wednesday early morning to seek divine intervention as the rain continued to evade coastal Karnataka causing scarcity of water across the belt.

South Kanara Salafi Movement (SKSM) on Wednesday organised a special prayer at Nehru Maidan in the city calling on people to join the prayers seeking rain from Allah.

Sheikh Sakib Salim Umri led the special prayers also known as Salat ul istasqa in Arabic and sermon.

Hundreds of Muslim both men and women joined the prayers and sought divine intervention for the rain as the coastal belt is battered with shortage of water amidst rising temperature which has also led to the decrease in water inflow and storage at water reservoirs.

Sheikh Umri, in his address added that turning to god during the times of needs helps strengthen the iman of people and it is important to have faith and trust in God no matter how worse the things have panned out.

"We should never feel let down by God. He is the creator of the world and has control over every single thing in this world. This can also be a test for us, throughout which we need to call on God to ease it on us" he said.

"It is important to save and conserve water. Islam teaches us to use water very carefully as it is one of the greatest gift of Allah so while using it we should not use it carelessly and be extra cautious. Allah also stops rain when he is angry with the people in world. When our bad deeds exceed our good deeds, God turns to stop rain and let people suffer" he added

BJP MLA Vedavyas Kamath was also present at the venue during the prayers.

Earlier this week, Udupi MLA K Raghupathi Bhat also organised a special Hindu Puja seeking for rain in the region.



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Mangaluru: In another case of suspected Dengue, a 19-year old student died on Friday taking the toll of Dengue in Dakshina Kannada District to 11.

The deceased has been identified as Madhushri, a student of private college in Mangaluru.

Madhushri was admitted to a private hospital in the city due to suspected Dengue fever and was discharged just three days back.

She was again rushed to hospital on Thursday late night when she complained of chest pain. However, she passed away on Thursday after not responding to the treatment.

Health officials have denied Dengue to be the cause of her death and added that she was cured of Dengue while being discharged from the hospital.

The officials further added that she had developed lungs infection which caused her death.