Mangaluru: Daily commuters from Jyothi Circle mostly those availing bus service from the junction have been encountering noxious smell as they wait for their buses. The reason behind this putrid smell are multiple overflowing drainages which has so far largely eloped the attention of administration.

The smell is largely caused by two main drainages that have been overflowing especially during the evening prime time when the junction remains the busiest. One drainage sewer at the main junction opposite to KMC Hospital and the other one near the gates of Jyothi Talkies.

The overflowing of water from the drainage near Jyothi Talkies flow near the Jyothi bus stand which is also one of the busiest city bus’ stop in the city. Senior citizens awaiting their buses complain of breathing problems while others are afraid to breath for a long time near the bus stop.

“This is dangerous and the administration should immediately address this. Thousands of people wait for buses here at this bus stop. The overflowing drainages are compromising the health of these people” Dhananjay Shetty, a daily commuter who boards his bus to Karkala told Vartha Bharati.

“The problem exists from several months. But it however managed to successfully stay away from the attention of MCC officials. This needs to be addressed at the earliest, this is easily one of the busiest roads in the city during evening hours. And people commuting the road are facing inconvenience. It is high-time the administration should repair and stop the overflow” Sumith Bhat, a student of a private college in the city who boards bus from Jyothi Circle said.

Mangaluru City Corporation (MCC) Commissioner, Ajith Shanadi, while speaking to Vartha Bharati over phone call added that the administration was aware of the issue and promised action to repair the overflowing drainage within a week.

“We know about the issue and we will soon start the work in this regard” Ajith noted. Asked by when the issue will be sorted, Ajith said “This will be resolved within a week. A team will be assigned the task to resolve the issue and it will initiate action in a couple of days”.

When contacted the ward councilor A C Vinayraj, had a different story to tell. Vinayraj blamed Ajith Shanadi and added that the MCC Commissioner was not co-operating to resolve the issue.

“I have been pressing the MCC officials to resolve the issue from last four months but they are not paying attention to this. I have threatened them to stage protest and “Rasta Roko” drive if they don’t resolve it within a week. They have promised me to repair it in two days. The people of the ward are ready for protest” Vinayraj told Vartha Bharati over phone call.

"When I enquire about the issue with junior engineers, they play blame game and ultimately they blame Ajith Shanadi for not approving the repair work citing lack of funds" Vinayraj alleged.

It will be interesting to see if the MCC administration can deliver on its promise of resolving the issue within a week for the best interest of the people who are facing inconvenience due to the overflowing drainage.

Viral cartoon on social media regarding the issue.

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Bengaluru: Dr Ashwathnarayan, Deputy Chief Minister of Karnataka, has said that the State CET has been postponed till further notice.

The revised dates for the Karnataka CET or Common Entrance Test will be released in the third week of April. The test was scheduled to take place on April 23 and 24. The registration process was conducted till March 16, 2020; said Dr Ashwathnarayan, who is also the Minister for Higher Education.

"Entrance Test for Professional Courses (CET) to be held on April 22, 23, has been postponed indefinitely," the minister said in a Tweet.

The Karnataka CET or KCET admit card expected to be released on April 10.