Mangaluru: Vikaas Pre-University College, Mangaluru organised Vikaas Career Guidance Programme-2019 at its campus on Friday, November 8, here in the city.

Prof. Ronald Pinto, Former Vice- Principal, St. Aloysius College, Mangaluru, and Director, Institute for Individual Development, Mangaluru, inaugurated the program. Prof. Ronald Pinto, who touched a personal chord in his inaugural address, said that students’ determination against all odds is what matters to achieve their goals. He also pointed out that there are plenty of career opportunities other than medical and engineering careers.

Dr. Suneel B. M., Principal, Vikaas PU College, in his presidential address, observed that students are not generally sure of what to do after their pre-university course and it’s because of their lack of awareness about their own capacities. He said the forthcoming sessions would help them in solving this predicament.

Parthasarathi Palemar, Coordinator, Vikaas Group of Institutions, Dr. Manjula A. Rao, Dean, Vikaas Group of Institutions, Prof. T. Rajaram Rao, Academic Director, Vikaas Pre-University College, and Ayshwarya K., Principal, Vikaas First Grade College, were present on the occasion.

The programme further continued with sessions on various fields of courses and professions handled by experts from respective fields. The chief guest Prof. Ronald Pinto himself delivered a session on Degree Courses (BSc and MSc), Exams for Government employment & CLAT, and Interior and Fashion Designing. The session on Engineering and NATA Exam was delivered by Mr. Abhilash, Managing Director, Abhijnya Education Private Ltd, following a motivational talk on personality development.Dr. Guru Tej, Co-founder, Wisdom Education Academy, took the students through ‘Global Career’. Dr. Shivakumar Magada, Professor of Aquatic Biology, College of Fisheries, Mangaluru, enlightened the students in agricultural and allied courses. Dr. Unnikrishnan, Associate Dean, and Professor of Community Medicine, KMC, Mangaluru, handled the session on Medicine Entrance Exam. Dr. Shivaprasad, Principal, Professor and Head of the Department, Organon of Medicine and Homeopathic Philosophy, Father Muller Homeopathic Medical College and Hospital, spoke on Homeopathy and AYUSH. Dr. Sunjyoth H. S., Assistant Professor, Vikaas College of Physiotherapy, Mangaluru, guided the students to the promising prospects of physiotherapy courses. CA Vindya V Hegde, associate in KNDC LLP & Associates and faculty, KVC Academy, elaborated on the scope and opportunities of Company Secretarycourse and the career of Chartered Accountant.Mrs. Rashmi, service industry professional, threw light into the opportunities and scope of aviation courses. Mr. Cedric Coutinho, Career Counsellor, Amity Education Group, Bangalore, delivered a session on stress management, time management, and leadership development.

Shruthi Kishor, lecturer, Department of Physics, Deepika Shetty, lecturer, Department of Commerce, and Rakshitha Uchil, lecturer, Department of English, Vikaas PU College, hosted the inaugural, science and commerce sessions respectively.

Students of Vikaas PU College participated in the programme with great enthusiasm and widened their understanding in the prospects of their career.

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Around June 1, a five-minute video of an interview of a woman recorded in the style of an exposé went viral. The woman appears to be an office-bearer and is sitting behind a desk. She says, “These people are terrorists and we are giving them VIP treatment… we are exhausting our resources on them, getting our doctors ill for them…we are using 100 test kits per day on them, if they didn’t exist we wouldn’t need the kits… these people should be hit and kept in solitary confinement… Can’t Yogi ji give an order that state’s resources won’t be used on them.. we are sacrificing Rs 100 crores of the nation for these 20 crores.” The population of Muslims in India is approximately 20 crores.

A mic with the logo of ‘News इंडिया 1’ can be seen in the video. The interviewers behind the camera are trying to gain an official statement from the woman for their news bulletin. As per social media claims, the woman being interviewed is Aarti Lalchandani, the principal of GVSM Medical College, Kanpur.


The social media claims are true. The person in the video is indeed Aarti Lalchandani, the principal of GVSM Medical College in Kanpur. On June 1, several media outlets published a report about the viral video including The Hindu and The Indian Express.

According to The Hindu, “Lalchandani first said that the video was “morphed” and that she did not refer to any community or target Muslims. But in the same breath, she also admitted that she made the comments as a vent during the initial days of the COVID-19 crisis in Kanpur.”

She told both the publications that the local journalist who leaked the video tried to blackmail her and extort administrative favors. However, speaking with Alt News, Lalchandani said that she wasn’t aware of the clip’s existence until it became viral on social media. It is unclear how she could possibly be blackmailed over something that wasn’t in her notice. Moreover, she was unable to provide any evidence of the same.

Omar Rashid, the journalist who wrote the report for The Hindu, tweeted that Lalchandani told the outlet that she had made the comments in anger.

In her statement that was sent over WhatsApp, Lalchandani wrote, “THESE ARE NOT MY STATEMENTS GIVEN TO MEDIA but a malicious sting and do not reflect my inner feelings.” She added, “Even a mother in her anger says go to hell to her own children. And then hugs them the next moment. My actions have always spoken louder than words and will continue to do so.  I shall continue serving you all and you can always send to me anyone in need. I work 24 hours for you.”

It is pertinent to note that Lalchandani did not apologize for the racist comments.

Therefore the social media claim associated with the video is true. Aarti Lalchandani, the principal of GVSM Medical College in Kanpur, indeed made derogatory remarks against Tablighi Jamaat members and the Muslim community. She said the country should put them behind bars instead of spending money and resources for their treatment.

The story was first published on and has been published here without any changes and alterations. Click here to read the original story.

Here's her Facebook post: