Madikeri, Dec 6: Amidst an allegation on delay in rehabilitating the disaster affected people in Kodagu, the state government would lay foundation stone here on December 7.

As the state government has invited to submit the model of houses, various companies have submitted total six models of houses for the distressed people. Out of them, the state government has selected the model prepared by the Rajiv Gandhi Rural Housing Corporation Limited with modern technology. Amidst the tough competition from the private firms, the models prepared by a public sector unit were selected.

Houses with special technology

After Chief Minister H.D. Kumaraswamy laid the foundation stone on December 7, total 840 houses would be constructed in various places in the district. The specialty of the models of Rajiv Gandhi Rural Housing Corporation Limited is that they would not collapse in spite of landslide on them. Unlike traditional houses, these houses will not have pillars. The iron bars used for RCC roof will go down from walls to the floor. Around 40-ft iron rods will be used for the houses without cutting them due to which the houses will be strong and the houses will withstand pressure from any parts.

The Rajiv Gandhi Rural Housing Corporation has already constructed single bed-room houses in Kanakapura and other parts using the same technology. But for Kodagu distressed people, double-bed room houses will be constructed at a cost of Rs 9.85 lakh each and this is for the first of its kind in the country, Deputy Commissioner M.K. Jagadeesh said.

Till now, only single bed-room houses were being constructed for the distressed people in the country. For the first time, two-bed-room houses will be constructed. Moreover, the flat roofs will be constructed and the beneficiaries could construct another floor on the roofs.

Explaining about the technology of houses, project director H. Srinivas said that the house will have 5-6 inch thick concrete wall and no stone and brick will be used for the purpose.

he entire house will be like concrete cell and monolithic structure due to which, it will be completely earthquake-proof. As usual, iron moulds will be used for constructing these houses and the construction of these houses will take only 20 days, he said.

Since the electricity wiring and water pipeline will be fixed during the construction of walls, the cost will also be less and construction will also be completed shortly, he said.

This model houses are being constructed across the world and the Rajiv Gandhi Rural Housing Corporation has been constructing such houses since 2012 and so far, it has constructed 3,500 houses. But the Andhra Pradesh Housing Corporation has so far constructed more than 4 lakh houses across the state.

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Pune: A rooster's crowing annoyed a woman to such an extent that she walked into a police station in Maharashtra's Pune district and demanded action against the bird and its owner, an official said on Sunday.

In her application submitted at the Samarth police station on Friday, the woman, a resident of Somwar Peth area here, said her sleep was getting disturbed due to the cock's crowing at dawn every day in front of her house, he said.

"We have received the woman's application. When we checked, we found she does not stay at the house, which belongs to her sister. She had come to her sister's house for a few days and left the place after submitting the application," he said.

When the police approached the woman's sister, the latter downplayed the incident, claiming her sibling was a little "eccentric", he said.

The official said no formal complaint was registered so far in the matter.