Mumbai: Nashik’s Special TADA Court on Wednesday acquitted 11 people off charges of several sections of TADA and IPC, 25 years after they were arrested and charged under it.

Nashik’s Special TADA Court Judge S C Khati, cited lack of evidence and violation of TADA guidelines during investigations while acquitting 11 from the charges. “Advocates of prominent legal aid organasition ‘Jamiatul Ulama’ from last three years and were confident of acquitting all these 11 innocents from the case” a press release from Jamiat Ulama informed.

Jameel Ahmed Abdullah Khan, Mohammed Yunus Mohammed Ishaq, Farooque Nazir Khan, Yusuf Gulab Khan, Ayyub Ismail Khan, Waseemuddin Shamsudin, Shaikha Shafi Shaikh Azeez, Ashfaq Syed Murtuza Meer, Mumtaz Syed Murtuza Meer, haroon Mohammed Bafati and Moulana Abdul Qader Habibi were arrested on 28 May 1994 from Maharashtra and other parts of the country.

They were charged under section 120 (B) and 153 of Indian Penal Code and Section 3 (3) (4) (5) and Section 4 (1) (4) of TADA act for allegedly planning avenge of Babri Masjid demolition and for attending terrorist’s training camps in Kashmir in this regard.

They were also charged for trying to recruits youngsters from Nashik and Bhusawal for their alleged terror group Bhusawal Al Jihad.

Gulzar Azmi, who leads the team of advocates of Jamiat Ulama, after the verdict said, thought Justice has been delayed for these 11, but the tag of terrorists has been erased. He also congratulated the team of advocates which looked after the case. The team included Advocate Sharif Shaikh, Mateen Shaikh, Ansar Tanboli, Raziq Shaikh, Shahid Nadeem, Mohammed Arshad and other.

He added “More than half of the witnesses of prosecution turned hostile in the court. This proves that the case itself was built on false facts”.

“Even the review committee had twenty year back from today, recommended the government to discharge cases from these people, but the lower courts refused to accept the proposal and these 11 people had to pay the price for something they did not do and had to make rounds of the court and judiciary for 25 long years” Azmi further added.

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Thiruvananthapuram: Authorities in coastal areas of Kerala have been put on high alert after an intelligence report said 15 Islamic State terrorists had set off from Sri Lanka for the Lakshadweep islands on boats, police sources said.

Coastal police stations and police chiefs have been alerted about suspicious vessels. The sources said, though, such alerts are "usual practice", this time they have a specific information about the number of terrorists.

The coastal police department said it has been on alert since May 23 after the intelligence input came from Sri Lanka.

"We have been on alert since the Sri Lankan attack. We have alerted fishing vessel owners and others venturing into the sea to be cautious," a coastal police department official told PTI.

After the serial bomb blasts in Sri Lanka, Kerala was put on alert, especially after NIA investigations revealed that IS operatives had planned attacks in the state.