Bengaluru, July 11: Hazrat Hameed Shah and Hazrat Muheeb Shah Qadri Dargah Committee has taken over the maintenance of VK Ubaidulla Government Urdu School situated at Shivaji nagar which was adopted by the IMA company.

The issue was discussed at a meeting of the Wakf Board, chaired by Minister BZ Zameer Ahmed on May 29 and decided to handover the school maintenance to the Dargah. 

Based on this, state Wakf Board Chief Executive Officer wrote to Dargah Hazrat Hameed Shah and Hazrat Muheeb Shah Qadri committee president GA Bava and informed the Board decision. GA Bava said that following the Board request, the Committee has accepted the proposal keeping in mind the future of 1,600 children. 

Speaking to 'Varthabharati', he said that every month, lakhs of rupees would require to run the school. Since his Committee was financially sound, it has taken up the responsibility as the objective of the Committee was to provide education. First, the Committee has to clear the due salaries of the teachers. Parents and children were no need to worry about it. They would try to improve the quality of education, he said.

He held discussions with Wakf Board CEO Islahuddin, BOE , previous education department commissioner Dr PC Jafer, DDPI and educationists on this regard, he said.

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Bengaluru: Karnataka Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy on Sunday expressed ‘pain and disgust’ over the political scenario of the state and blamed the BJP for stooping new low and setting ‘new benchmark of immoral politics’, ahead of the crucial trust vote in the assembly that is expected to take place on Monday.

In a press release the Chief Minister of the state added that the BJP has made a mockery of the democracy by ‘taking away several MLAs from the ruling coalition forcefully. He also cited TV footages that show BJP leaders accompanying the rebel MLAs to Mumbai in special aircrafts, adding that the BJP had switched to immoral politics to capture power in the state.

“T he BJP has been demanding that I must resign immediately and has even got the Raj Bhavan to set deadlines for putting the confidence motion into vote. I want to make it amply clear that I am not trying to cling onto power. My only intention of seeking time for debate on trust vote is to let the entire country know how the BJP, which talks of morality, is trying to subvert the very principles of democracy as well as Constitution” the press release added.

The JD(S) leader also appealed the disgruntled MLAs who have camped in Mumbai to come back and attend the legislature session to narrate in the assembly how they were forcefully taken away by the BJP.

“I request them to explain on the floor of the House how the BJP sabotaged democratic edifice and destroyed its sanctity” the press release read while also calling on the MLAs to ‘sit together and discuss’ all the issues including their problems to save the government which he termed as ‘democratically elected’ a claim opposed by the BJP.

“Let us strive together to save democracy and protect the spirit of Country’s Constitution from these evil forces who are willing to destroy any democratic and constitutionally established institutions for the sake of power” Kumaraswamy’s press release added.

Karnataka is expected to see another day of drama in the assembly on Monday as BS Yeddiyurappa led opposition demanding immediate trust vote.