Bengaluru, Apr 15: Union Social Justice Minister and Republican Party of India(A) president Ramdas Athawale Monday said the Congress-JD(S) coalition government in Karnataka will not last long and asked Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy to join hands with BJP for the state's welfare.

Terming the Congress as "casteist", the Dalit leader said that party president Rahul Gandhi should not dream about becoming Prime Minister.

"...Kumaraswamy is upset, I request him-why are you behind Congress when the BJP-JD(S) coalition government can be formed?"Athawale told reporters here.

Stating that there was such a proposal earlier, he said "Congress was clever, they supported Kumaraswamy and made him CM, but Kumaraswamy is crying, he is not happy with Congress people.

So I feel that this government will not last long."

"Kumaraswamy has to come back to the BJP and if Karnataka's development has to happen...Kumaraswamy has to leave Congress and come back.

Staying with BJP will benefit as Modi ji government is coming (to power) with NDA securing over 350 seats" he added.

In 2006, Kumaraswamy had joined hands with BJP to form the coalition government, overthrowing the Dharm Singh led Congress-JD(S) government, which lasted about 20 months.

Asking Kumaraswamy to join hands with BJP for the benefit of the state, Athawale said "you will become the Deputy Chief Minister...

He (Kumaraswamy) is not happy with theCongress... as Deputy Chief Minister he will be happier than now(as Chief Minister)."

"Asked if he would mediate between BJP and JD(S) leaders, he said after the Lok Sabha elections, "we can try, because if Modi government comes, then I doubt that Kumaraswamy will be safe (as Chief Minister)."

Athawale said eradication of poverty was something only Modi could do and not Rahul Gandhi and the Congress president should not dream about becoming Prime Minister.

"Eradication of poverty is Narendra Modi's work, not Rahul Gandhi's- it is not something he can do.

Rahul Gandhi should not dream about becoming Prime Minister," he said.

"As long as there is a Narendra Modi wave in the country, how can Rahul Gandhi become the prime minister?" he added.

Stating that Rahul Gandhi does not have the support of Mahagathbandhan leaders, Athawale said the leaders were posing for photographs only to oppose Modi.

He said the Congress calls BJP "jaatiwadi" (casteist), but it is the most casteist party.

"Their face may be secular, but within they are casteist, so I left them."

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Mumbai, Jul 21: Veteran actor Naseeruddin Shah Sunday expressed solidarity with the family members of those killed in incidents of mob lynching in the country.

Speaking at a national convention on the theme of 'state complicity in hate crimes' in Dadar here, Shah said the victims and kin of mob lynchings have suffered a lot.

The event was organised by Democratic Youth Federation of India.

"I feel proud to be with them (kin of victims) in this programme and salute their courage. They have faced a lot more than us in their life. We have faced not even two per cent of their sufferings," he said.

The actor said he had often been often criticised for his remarks.

"Some called me a traitor, some asked me to go to Pakistan. But these taunts were nothing in comparison with the pain of those people who suffered mob attacks," he said, adding that "My admiration, sympathy and company will always be with these people".

In the past, Shah had been criticised sharply over his comments on rising incidents of mob violence in the country.

He had said that the death of a cow was being given importance over killing of a policeman in mob lynching in Bulandshahr.

Shah had said that he was worried for children in today's India because he imagines a situation where his children may be surrounded by an angry mob and asked: "Are you Hindu or Muslim?" 

His comments had drawn sharp reactions from political quarters.