The country is besieged by a host of issues that need immediate attention. China is waiting to strike at the border. The spectre of a war is looming large. The country has been defeated in the Corona war and finds itself exhausted. The lockdown has not only destroyed the country’s economy but also left people struggling with issues of life and death. The country’s democracy is also in danger. Hundreds of social activists are in jail and those who are not are being threatened through various investigating agencies. The lives of the Right to Information activists are also in a similar state. In this critical situation that the country finds itself in, the media is trying to create a frenzy around a fake person called ‘Kangana’ and trying to mislead the people. 

Having pathetically failed to highlight the plight of migrant laborers who are resorting to suicide, farmers who are losing their land, women who are falling victims to marauding rapists, innocents who are being brutally killed by lynching mobs, the media has tried to project Kangana’s puerile outpourings as the voice of the country. Kangana is a talented actor but is also an ordinary citizen of the country who falls under the ambit of law. Other than the fact that she has amassed a lot of wealth as an actor, her contribution to the country is zilch. Actors such as Amir Khan and Sonu Sood have expended substantial amounts for the poor and have contributed extensively for different causes through their non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Kangana doesn’t seem to have displayed any such generosity. She has been in the news mostly for her skimpy dresses and for consuming drugs, both on and off screen. And now she is trying to take mileage out of the death of the young actor Sushant Singh. The moment she alleged that Sushant who killed himself was a victim of groupism in Bollywood, she became the ‘Mother India’ for BJP. 

It appears that BJP needs Kangana now as the acting skills of their leaders is on the wane. No wonder they are considering Bollywood as a country and Kangana as ‘Bharath Matha’. For Kangana, the moment Mumbai officials raised questions about her illegal buildings, Mumbai started appearing as ‘Pakistan Occupied Kashmir’ (POK).  The BJP jumped to her support just because Maharashtra is ruled by an alliance of its political rivals led by Shiv Sena. Instead of initiating legal action against her, the BJP Government at the Centre went to the extent of  providing Kangana with special security. 

Demolishing illegal structures is not new to the country and there is no such rule that structures belonging to film actors and actresses should not be demolished. In the past, the Maharashtra government demolished illegal structures belonging to popular actors such as Shahrukh Khan and others. Then, nobody complained against the government or the country. The affected people might have gone to the courts against the government’s actions as that is their only recourse in a democracy. But, it appears that Kangana Ranaut considers herself as ‘Rani Lakshmibai’. Her behavior shows that she wants the country to protect her illegal building as though it were to be the memorial of Lakshmibai. In her enthusiasm to criticize the government, she has insulted not only Mumbai but also the entire country. 

Some time ago, when intolerance and violence increased, Aamir Khan had expressed his anguish and BJP and Sangh Parivar leaders immediately turned their ire against him. But now, when Kangana is abusing Mumbai because her illegal building was demolished, BJP leaders are cajoling her as though she is a toddler. Constructing a building illegally is a crime and abusing a government that acted against it is a bigger crime. The BJP’s attempt to project Kangana as its leader despite the fact that she has committed such blunders shows the political bankruptcy of the party.  

The attitude of Kangana, who so far has not expressed any concern about public issues, to criticise the country the moment her illegalities are questioned is most reprehensible. The way the media laps up her statements such as the one attributing Bollywood director Karan Johar as being responsible for the present state of the country is nothing but a mockery of truth. Kangana’s silly outbursts are being projected in a loud voice only to cover up India’s struggles with its problems. Kangana should get her issues with the government about the demolition of her property resolved in a court of law.

The economy has been destroyed using the ‘lockdown’ bulldozer. In this situation, the government should introspect and rush to the relief of the people. It should allow the CBI to investigate Sushant Singh’s suicide and pay attention to the suicide of thousands of labourers. An 80-year-old women was raped in Delhi. In Uttar Pradesh, a dalit girl was raped and killed in a horrifying manner. Let the government take action to protect the lives of such ill-fated women who truly represent Mother India. Similarly, by issuing an appropriate message to the Chinese soldiers who provoke Mother India in the border, let the government send out a warning to the forces that challenge the sovereignty of the country. It is high time the government puts an end to its futile attempts to hide the country’s actual problems by projecting the ‘fake doll’ that is Kangana.

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Mangaluru:Former Congress MLA Mohiuddin Bava on Wednesday claimed he received a call from an unknown person objecting to his participation in the ongoing Navaratri celebrations at a temple here.

Bava, who had represented from Mangaluru North segment, said he has lodged a police complaint about it.

The Congress leader said he visited the Gurupura Ambika Annapoorneshwari temple at Bajpe here and took part in the rituals following an invite by its priest.

Later, he got a call from a man, who identified himself as Anil from Mumbai and raised objections to his visit, saying It's not Nehru period, it's a Modi period, Bava alleged.

"A Muslim should not go to the temple, a beef eater and Muslim should not visit temple," the caller had told him, he claimed, adding the conversation was recorded by him.

Bava said he told the caller that he went to the temple on invitation and added he had not differentiated between communities in his political life.