Many political scientists argue that the incidents that occurred in Washington DC on January 7, 2021, was a blot on the world’s most powerful democracy, the United States of America. Being a democratic country but at the same time, joining hands either overtly or covertly with the world’s most dictatorial states and trying to wield power over other developing and democratic countries,  the US had to witness an incident such as this someday or the other. This is an extension of its interference with other sovereign countries in the garb of democracy.

Under the Presidency of Trump, the country has turned against itself in the worst manner possible. America’s relation with democracy weakened the day it elected a racist who has utter disregard and contempt for democracy and the dignity of the common man. The racism perpetrated by the administration during Trump’s Presidency exposed America’s democratic mask long ago. The farcical end to Trump’s administration through this incident reflects his personality and America’s present situation. We can’t blame only Trump for these developments. The rightist forces that are now regulating America are responsible for bringing the country’s democracy to the present state of disrepute. At the same time, we can’t expect things to become normal the moment Trump exits.

In fact, going by the manner in which Donald Trump, a white racist, governed and administered the country in the most dangerous and worst manner, there was no way that the occasion of  President-elect Joe Biden’s swearing-in could have been different. The model of violence that Trump chose before exiting office is similar to Germany’s dictator Adolf Hitler’s suicide. Unable to witness his most anticipated dream of a 1000-year Nazi rule being shattered, Hitler had resorted to suicide along with other fascist criminals in Berlin’s underground bunker. Trump has shown similar behavior. With this incident, Trump hasn’t lost anything. But America might find itself in an awkward situation to pride itself as the ‘most powerful democratic country’ in the coming days.

America’s embarrassment is about how a President without the support of his party leaders could whip up the support of racists, terrorists, and goonda elements to overturn election results. It won’t be a surprise if this small failed revolution leads to a big revolution in the future.

The incidents that occurred on January 7 should be seen as acts of treason aimed at overthrowing democratic rule in America. If these actions were planned and implemented by members of the black community and not white supremacists, hundreds of people would have lost their lives. The way America is squeezing its hands over taking stringent action against Trump and his followers reveals the depth of the divisiveness in America. This also proves how the evils of racism, gender discrimination, and corporate structure control America. As long as the American government fails to take action against Trump and his followers, it cannot be accepted that democracy has been reinstalled completely in America. Today, due to his bad administration, Trump has grown to become an international criminal. Many countries have issued international arrest warrants against him. The world is watching with curiosity about how America will punish Trump for conspiring against his own country, forget conspiring against other countries.

Ironically, India should also indirectly own up the stigma of America’s attack on the Congress as it now finds itself in an awkward situation with the presence of an Indian flag during the attack. It is not difficult to trace the background of this. Having established itself as a third powerful force internationally by adopting a non-aligned stand in external affairs, India now finds itself compromising its foreign policy to woo America. The manner in which India woos America reached a pathetic state during the Narendra Modi regime. It went to the extent of interfering in America’s elections with the Indian Prime Minister campaigning in favor of Trump. With this, India identified itself as a worker of a political party in the US. ‘Ab ki Baar, Trump Sarkaar,’ Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared on American soil.  Modi did not show the wisdom of imagining a situation in the eventuality of Trump’s losing the elections and how it could have an adverse impact on India. Today, if the Indian flag is seen during the attack on the US Congress, it is because of Narendra Modi’s declaration of ‘Ab ki Baar, Trump Sarkaar.’ Even though Narendra Modi expressed his regret over the developments in America, India lost its moral authority to condemn the incident due to Modi’s behavior.

At this moment, we should not forget that India has a government that had looked upon Trump as a model. An Indian Prime Minister who is a puppet in the hands of organizations that are more divisive and casteist than Trump is ruling the country. Instead of believing that the country is more important than an individual, the number of people who believe that an individual is more important than the country is growing. Bhakths who believe that the Prime Minister cannot be criticized even though the country is being ruined would definitely turn out to be more dangerous to India than Trump’s supporters to the US. America’s developments should come as a timely warning to India.

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Bengaluru, Apr 20: Karnataka has reported its biggest single day spike of 21,794 COVID-19 cases and 149 related fatalities, taking the total caseload 11.98 lakh and the toll to 13,646, the Health department said on Tuesday.

The state had previously reported its biggest single day spike of 19,067 cases on Sunday.

Out of the 21,794 fresh cases reported on Tuesday, 13,782 were from Bengaluru Urban alone.

The day also saw 4,571 patients getting discharged after recovery.

Cumulatively 11,98,644 COVID-19 positive cases have been confirmed in the state, which includes 13,646 deaths and 10,25,821 discharges,the Health department said in a bulletin.

Out of 1,59,158 active cases, 1,58,407 patients are stable and in isolation at designated hospitals, while 751 are in Intensive Care Units.

Among 149 deaths reported on Tuesday, 92 were from Bengaluru Urban, Bengaluru Rural (13), Bidar and Kalaburagi (7), Ballari (5), followed by others.

Among the districts where the new cases were reported, Bengaluru Urban accounted for 13,782, Tumakuru 1,055, Kalaburagi 818, Mysuru 699, Bengaluru Rural 513, Dakshina Kannada 482, followed by others.

Bengaluru Urban district topped the list of positive cases, with a total of 5,70,035, followed by Mysuru 63,018 and Ballari 42,745.

Among discharges too, Bengaluru Urban was on top with 4,49,889, followed by Mysuru 57,745 and Ballari 39,829.

A total of over 2,38,64,354 samples have been tested so far, out of which 1,47,488 were done on Tuesday alone.

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