Dammam, (KSA), April 29: ‘Karnataka Ruling Party Congress’s election manifesto for the upcoming Karnataka assembly election is disappointing for many Gulf Kannadiga NRIs in the GCC country as the congress party failed to address issues of an influential community. After several promises made by the ruling party, Gulf NRI community was expecting substantial Gulf NRI welfare programs to be added on party’s Manifesto’ officials from Indian Social Forum Saudi Arabia said in a press release in Dammam.

After thoroughly scrutinizing the Congress election manifesto, Indian Social Forum issued a statement today citing Ruling party Congress must consider wellbeing of Gulf NRI community, there were numerous appeals and recommendations from NRI communities to Chief Minister, other Government representatives and officials in the recent past about Gulf Crisis.

Recent World bank report confirms, India topped the highest recipient of remittance overseas in 2017 and particularly 50% of remittance made from Indian diaspora in GCC countries; however Karnataka is also beneficiary of this remittance.

Notably NRI community from Karnataka coastal belt has been an influential community back home as there are many families, institutions dependent on Gulf NRIs remittance. In light of Gulf Job market crisis, Indian Social Forum Saudi Arabia is requesting the Congress party to revise the manifesto to include realistic welfare programs to protect the Gulf NRIs & their family’s interest. We hope such move would fetch the Congress party to gain positive impact among influential Gulf NRI community and would also be beneficial for the country’s development.

Indian Social Forum appeal The Congress party to include following points on

Election manifesto:

1- NRI Help Desk to open in Coastal Districts, Mysore, Bangalore and Gulbarga

2- Educational Quota for Gulf NRI students

3- NRI Data Bank – Statistical survey of NRI population, remittance and other statistics

4- Create online platform to raise NRI individual concerns and issues

5- Free Medical aid for Gulf Returnee

6- Assurance of Fund allocation for Gulf NRIs welfare

7- Grant Bank Loan for the aspiring Gulf returnee entrepreneurs

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Bengaluru, Aug 8: Some students who passed the Pre-University Course (PUC) in 2020-21 but are also writing the Common Entrance Test (CET) in 2022, have approached the High Court.

These students have challenged an alleged note of the Karnataka Examination Authority (KEA) not considering the 2020-21 marks for entrance to professional courses in 2022.

"The marks of students who have passed out in 2021 will not be computed for the purpose of giving ranking in the CET and only the marks obtained in the CET will be taken into consideration for the purpose of granting rankings," the petition cites a KEA note.

A single-judge bench of SR Krishna Kumar heard the petition on Monday.

The Additional Advocate General, Dhyan Chinnappa, informed the High Court, which was hearing the petition, that the counselling of students for admission to professional courses is yet to commence.

The AAG informed the court that the counselling will not commence till the HC hears the petition after which the case was adjourned to August 18.

The petition was filed by Keerthana Y H and a dozen other students.

"Qualifying examination marks are usually higher in the nature of the examinations and the CET markings are usually lower. By excluding the qualifying examination marks, and by taking the CET marks alone for half the proportion would completely disturb the merit matrix of every student," the petition claims.