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RIYADH: The General Directorate of Passports (Jawazat) has clarified that those expatriates, who left the Kingdom on exit and re-entry visa and did not come back before the expiry of the visa, are not allowed to reenter the Kingdom for a period of three years.

However, this is not applicable to those who come back to the previous employer with a new work visa.

The Jawazat’s clarification came in response to queries from many foreigners who want to come back to the Kingdom after leaving the country years ago on exit and reentry visa and did not return before the expiry of the visa.


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New Delhi: The price of the Non-subsidised LPG gas cylinder was hiked by rupees 25 in New Delhi and the new rates will reportedly come into effect from March 1, 2021.

According to Indian Oil Corporation, with the price hike, consumers will have to pay 819 rupees for a non-subsidized gas cylinder (weighing 14.2 kilograms) in the capital. 

Generally, the price of non-subsidized LPG cylinders are revised monthly and changes are made effective from the beginning of the new month. Due to the local taxes involved, the rates of cooking gas differ in various parts of the country.

The rates of LPG cylinders, both cooking and commercial, are dependent on the state-run oil marketing companies in the country. As per the existing rules, a total of 12 cylinders of 14.2 kilograms each is subsidized by the government for each household every year.