Fujairah (Press Release): Recognizing the critical importance of raising public awareness about high blood pressure and to mark World Hypertension Day, Thumbay Hospital Fujairah in collaboration with Emirates Red Crescent, organized an impactful event. The initiative included free consultations and checkups at corporate companies and an awareness session at the hospital.

Patients who successfully managed their blood pressure through regular doctor visits, medication adherence, and following medical advice were acknowledged and rewarded. Attendees received various gifts, including blood pressure and blood sugar monitoring devices, and the hospital introduced a Special Hypertension Package to further support patients in managing their health.

During the event, Dr. C.R. Sathyanarayanan, Medical Director and Head of the Department of Internal Medicine at Thumbay Hospital Fujairah, provided an insightful briefing on the signs and symptoms of hypertension. He emphasized that this condition is increasingly prevalent across all age groups in society, highlighting the urgent need for widespread awareness and proactive management.

Highlighting the critical health risks associated with illness, Dr. C.R. Sathyanarayanan, said, “Hypertension, commonly known as high BP, often goes unnoticed due to its asymptomatic nature, making regular monitoring essential. There are severe health risks associated with hypertension such as heart attacks, heart failure, kidney failure, stroke, paralysis, and memory loss. The normal BP level for adults should be under 140/90 mm Hg, while for individuals with diabetes, it should be closer to 130/80 mm Hg to mitigate additional cardiovascular risks.”

Dr. Sathyanarayanan, in addition, highlighted the importance of preventive measures, urging everyone to adopt a healthy lifestyle by exercising daily, avoiding smoking, staying hydrated, regularly checking blood pressure, reducing salt intake and managing stress. Furthermore, he recommended regular medical consultations to monitor and manage blood pressure effectively, noting that early detection and intervention are crucial to preventing the severe complications associated with hypertension.

Thumbay Hospital, Fujairah is a 60-bedded full-fledged multispecialty hospital providing quality care at affordable prices. The hospital is equipped with various specialty departments & services supported by highly qualified and experienced doctors, technicians and trained nurses. It is accredited to various international bodies apart from the Ministry of Health, UAE.

About Thumbay Healthcare Network:

Thumbay Group’s healthcare division presently operates academic hospitals in the UAE (Ajman, Fujairah & Sharjah) as well as a network of day care centers and state-of-the-art family clinics at various locations in the UAE, making it the largest network of private academic hospitals in the region.

All the hospitals and clinics provide clinical training for the students of Gulf Medical University (GMU) – Ajman, the leading private medical university in the region owned by Thumbay Group. They treat patients from over 175 nationalities and are staffed by doctors, nurses and technicians from over 25 different countries, speaking more than 50 languages. Thumbay Group also operates CAP-accredited diagnostic labs (Thumbay Labs) and retail pharmacy outlets (Thumbay Pharmacy), in the UAE.

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New Delhi (PTI): Union minister Rajnath Singh on Tuesday led the ruling National Democratic Alliance's efforts in reaching out to opposition parties to build a consensus on the choice for the Lok Sabha Speaker.

The NDA candidate for the key parliamentary position will file his nomination on Tuesday, the day scheduled for the process.

Sources said the senior BJP leader spoke to Congress president Mallikarjun Kharge, and DMK leader and Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M Stalin among other opposition leaders in efforts to build a consensus.

They said that nomination could be filed for the deputy speaker's position too, but added it will depend on various factors, including the opposition's stand.