New Delhi, July 21 :  Current scientific evidence do not support any "harmful effect" on the human body by electromagnetic field radiation of cell phone or its towers, said a Department of Telecommunications (DoT) official on Saturday.

"The radiation norms in India are below the safe limits prescribed by the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection and Word Health Organization," DoT Director General Sunil Kumar said in a statement.

To dispel myths about electromagnetic field emissions among citizens, a joint awareness workshop on "EMF Emission and Telecom Towers" organized by New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) and DoT.

Radiation Oncologist Anusheel Munshi from Manipal Hospital said that World Health Organization (WHO) has reviewed over 25,000 articles and found that the electromagnetic field emission from mobile towers have "no link on adverse impact of human health".

"There is no firm scientific evidence to implicate cell phone or towers for creating tumour or other health hazards," he added.

Vivek Tondon, an Associate Professor at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) said that "latest research have also found there is no link between sleep, infertility, hearing, cognition and brain blood flow disorder in human body and radiation of cell phone or its towers."

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Deralakatte: Abubakar Haji, popularly known as 'Koti Haji,' passed away at his residence in Deralakatte on Saturday night after a brief illness. He was 82 years old.

Koti Haji, originally from Pilivalachchil in Vitla Kadambu, was a businessman in Hospet, Vijay Nagar, before settling in Deralakatte 22 years ago.

A well-known philanthropist, he founded the Ahal Taqwa Trust, supporting various mosques and madrasas. He was also responsible for building and maintaining a mosque in Deralakatte.

He is survived by his wife, six sons, and a daughter.

Several dignitaries, including Speaker UT Khader, Muslim Jamaat D.K. District Vice President Ali Kunhi Pare, former Belma Panchayat President Yusuf Bava, DCC Vice President TS Abdullah Samanige, and Abusali Haji Kinya, paid their respects.

General Secretary of Shamsul Ulama Darus Salam Academy Wadi Twaiba Kinya, Sirajuddin Alankar, Secretary of the Public Works Department Contractors Association Nisar Ahmed Samani, and District Coordination Committee Chairman Abdul Rahiman Darimi Tabuku, among others, have expressed their condolences.