In a ground breaking development, Italian scientists have made marked progress in developing vaccine for Corona Virus. The vaccines were tested on mice. The mice reportedly developed antibodies immediately after a single injection which prevents the virus from infecting human cells.

During the vaccine development experiments, it was seen that antibodies have developed in mice and they also blocked the viral action in the human body.

Upon testing the vaccine, they found it had neutralized the virus in human cells, a first in the world since the search for a coronavirus vaccine began, said Luigi Aurisicchio, Takis’ CEO, the company that is developing the vaccine.

He further hinted that the human testing might start in summer.

To succeed in this research, they need the support not only from their government but also from foreign organizations and collaborators who may wish to extend their hand to help speed up the process. Takis’ CEO declined to call the rapid move to develop vaccines a race and asked all companies to combine strengths and skills.

These tests were conducted at a hospital in Rome. The scientists tested their vaccine on mice. The mice developed antibodies immediately after a single injection, which prevented the virus from infecting human cells. Researchers selected two of the five candidates for the vaccine after studying them with the best results.

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Mumbai, Jul 22: A speeding Audi car, driven by a man allegedly in an inebriated state, rammed into two stationary autorickshaws in Mumbai's Mulund area on Monday, leaving four persons injured, police said.

The police arrested the accused, Dattatray Gore (43), a resident of Kanjurmarg, from his sister's house after he fled the scene, leaving the vehicle behind, an official said.

The incident occurred around 6.15 am on Dumping Road, and the police later impounded the high-end car, he said.

The car rammed into two stationary autorickshaws, injuring two drivers and as many passengers. Their condition is said to be stable, the official said.

The police collected the accused's blood sample and sent it to Kalina Forensic Science Laboratory. It was found that he was under the influence of alcohol at the time of the accident, he said.

A case has been registered under relevant provisions of the Bhartiya Nyay Sanhita (BNS) and Motor Vehicle Act, the official said.

This incident follows a recent accident in Worli, where a BMW fatally struck a woman riding as a pillion on a two-wheeler.