New Delhi (PTI): Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday paid tributes to "every brick" of the old Parliament building and said MPs will enter the new building with "new hope and confidence".

In his over an hour-long speech in the Lok Sabha, Modi remembered the journey of India's democracy and said the last day in this heritage building should be dedicated to the over 7,500 parliamentarians who served in this building since Independence.

Parliament will shift to the new building on the auspicious occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi on Tuesday.

"Today we have an opportunity to connect with the past. We are leaving this building with hope for the future. I am confident that as we enter the new Parliament building, we will go there with new hope and confidence," the prime minister said.

"Today is the day for remembering the 7,500 MPs who have served here... I salute every brick of this building," he said.

Highlighting the historical importance of the old Parliament building, PM Modi recalled that while the order for its construction was given by foreign rulers, it was constructed through the sweat, hard work and money of Indians.

"Today, we are taking leave from this historic building. Before Independence, this was the Imperial Legislative Council and after Independence, it became the Parliament building," he said.

"We may go to the new building but... this building will always continue to inspire the coming generations. This is an important chapter in the golden journey of India's democracy," the prime minister said, adding that the memories of the old Parliament House belong to everyone.

Modi also recalled his first day in the Parliament House. "When I became a Member of Parliament for the first time and entered this building... I naturally bowed my head before I set foot inside the door of this Parliament House, paying homage to this temple of democracy," he said.

"That moment was full of emotions for me, I could not have imagined but it is the strength of Indian democracy, it is a reflection of the faith of the common man of India towards democracy that a child from a poor family living on a railway platform could reach Parliament," Modi added.

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Agra: In a shocking incident, a 6-year-old girl was allegedly killed by her neighbour for buying a packet of chips in Uttar Pradesh’s Aligarh. The police on Tuesday night recovered the body at the residence of the accused, which was kept in a sack for disposal, reports Times Of India.

According to police, the girl went missing on Tuesday morning from her Aligarh colony. Her family later in the evening filed a missing report at Nagar Kotwali police station. With the help of CCTV camera footage that led them to her neighbour's house, the police found her body. The accused was arrested and his two brothers were detained.

"During probe, one of the accused confessed to the crime. He said he had sent the girl to buy paan masala for Rs 20, but she returned with a packet of chips. When he scolded her, she misbehaved with him and he killed her. We're awaiting the autopsy report to take further action," SP (city) Mrigank Shekhar Pathak said.