New Delhi, Jun 24: Opposition leaders hit back at Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his "Emergency" remark on Monday, questioning his government's style of functioning and saying that it needs to focus on present issues.

Addressing the media in the Parliament complex ahead of the start of the first session of the 18th Lok Sabha, Modi mentioned that the anniversary of the Emergency falls on June 25 and termed it a black spot in India's parliamentary history when the Constitution was discarded and the country turned into a prison.

Reacting to the remark, Mahua Moitra of the TMC said the BJP fell short of a majority in the election because the people of the country have realised that it is against the Constitution.

"From 303, the BJP is down to 240, they are running a minority government. They kept saying '400-paar' but could not even get a simple majority.

"The only reason is that the people of the country have understood that there is BJP on one side and the Constitution on the other. People have chosen the Constitution," Moitra said.

She also said that under the BJP government at the Centre, there had been an "undeclared emergency" in the country.

"I was not born during the first Emergency, but they (BJP) had been running an undeclared emergency for the last 10 years and the people of the country said it would not be allowed," the TMC leader added.

Shiv Sena (UBT) leader Ani Desai said the Emergency period is long over and the government should focus on the present.

"The Emergency period has gone, but what is the situation today? No one likes recalling the Emergency... I hope the dark days don't return," he said.

RSP leader N K Premchandran also said that talking about the 1975 Emergency is "insignificant" at this juncture.

"It happened in 1975, 50 years have lapsed, it is totally irrelevant. We are talking about things that are happening at present. It is insignificant talking about the 1975 Emergency at this juncture," he added.

Azad Samaj Party (Kanshi Ram) MP Chandrashekhar said the prime minister should follow his own advice.

"It would have been good if what he was saying had reflected in his work. In this Parliament itself, over 140 MPs were suspended and laws were passed. Hope this government, which is not as popular, will respect the people's sentiments and not impose any law," he said.

"The Constitution is the foundation of this country," Chandrashekhar added.

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Kolkata, Jul 22: Two newly elected Trinamool Congress MLAs, who were sworn in by the West Bengal Assembly Speaker recently, on Monday said they received mails from Raj Bhavan questioning the legality of the process and asking them to pay a fine of Rs 500 each.

Speaker Biman Banerjee had administered the oath to two MLAs - Rayat Hossain Sarkar and Sayantika Banerjee - on July 5 in the assembly, though the Governor had appointed Deputy Speaker Asish Banerjee for the task.

Sarkar said the mails informed the two that a fine of Rs 500 was imposed on each of them since, it alleged, their oath-taking and attending assembly session on its first day violated Constitutional norms.

The 10-day session of the House began on Monday and was adjourned after obituary references.

Sayantika Banerjee told PTI: "We have met the Speaker and showed him the mail. He said the Speaker's office is looking into the issue. We understand we have no problem in attending the session as elected representatives after taking oath in the temple of democracy – the state legislature.

To a question, she said she would continue to attend the assembly session.

sked if she had paid the fine, Banerjee said, "Why should I? Have we done anything illegal or improper?

The emails said that when the Constitutional head of the state designated someone to administer the oath to the MLAs, the Speaker had no jurisdiction in the matter.

The mails also alleged that several clauses were violated by the two newly elected MLAs by taking oath under the Speaker and attending the House session.

While Raj Bhavan sources confirmed that such emails were sent to the MLAs concerned, the Speaker could not be contacted for his comments.

The swearing-in of Sarkar and Sayantika Bandopadhyay on July 5 ended the month-long impasse between Raj Bhavan and the assembly over the venue of the ceremony and the administering authority.

On July 4, Governor Bose authorised Deputy Speaker Asish Banerjee to administer the oath in the assembly, retracting his earlier stance that the MLAs would be sworn in at Raj Bhavan.

However, during the one-day special session, Deputy Speaker Asish Banerjee declined to administer the oath, citing that it would be inappropriate in the presence of the Speaker.

"The constitutional transgression has been done in spite of Hon’ble Governor appointing Deputy Speaker as the person before whom the two newly elected MLAs shall make and subscribe an oath or affirmation," a statement from Raj Bhavan said on July 5.