Bhubaneswar: A Kolkata man who refused to believe his son's death in the Odisha train accident travelled more than 200 km in search of him and finally found him alive in the mortuary, reports TOI.

Helaram Malik received the news about the accident within few hours after he dropped his son,  Biswajit off at Shalimar station to board the Coromandel Express. Upon hearing the news, Helaram called his son who answered his call in a feeble voice saying he was alive but in terrible pain.

Helaram did not waste a moment and decided to travel 230 km to the crash site at Odisha’s Balasore. he got in touch with a local ambulance driver, Palash Pandit. Accompanied by his brother-in-law Dipak Das, they reached Balasore on Friday night.

However he could not find his son even after searching for him at all the hospitals where train crash victims were being treated. Later on someone's suggestion they went to look for him at Bahanaga high school, where the bodies of the victims were kept.

They were not allowed to watch the bodies at the makeshift morgue, however when the commotion broke because some people saw a victim's right hand shivering. To their surprise the hand belonged to Biswajit who was unconscious and had suffered serious injuries in the crash; he had been presumed dead and kept in the morgue. 

He was immediately taken to Balasore hospital in an ambulance where he received treatment.

“Given his condition, they referred him to Cuttack Medical College Hospital, but we signed a bond and got him discharged,” Das told TOI

Biswajit then got admitted to SSKM Hospital in Kolkata for further treatment. His condition was serious but stable.

Experts told TOI that Biswajit’s body entered a state of suspended animation where a person's vitals slow down to a bare minimum. Since the rescue operations were done mainly by non-medical persons, they mistook him for being dead.

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Bengaluru: In a recent incident in Tilak Nagar, Bengaluru, a burglar took advantage of a family's absence and broke into their home in SRK Garden on Tuesday night. The thief made off with 3.5 kilograms of gold and cash amounting to Rs 10 lakh while the entire family was away in Ramanagar.

Upon receiving a complaint from the homeowner, the Tilak Nagar Police launched an investigation and registered a case. CCTV footage from the house's exterior revealed that an individual had forcibly entered the residence late on Tuesday night.

Authorities are currently using the footage to identify and locate the suspect. Additionally, forensic experts have also visited the crime scene.