New Delhi: Tata Projects Ltd has won the contract to build the new Parliament building, officials added on Wednesday afternoon.

The new building will be constructed at a cost price of 861.90 Crore, the officials added.

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Lucknow: A first information report (FIR) has been filed against a woman who was seen thrashing a cab driver at a signal in Uttar Pradesh’s Lucknow. While it was earlier reported that the woman attacked the driver because he allegedly hit her, CCTV footage shows that the cab driver stopped at a zebra crossing while the woman was crossing the road, and the car is seen stopping right in front of her.

The visuals show the woman coming over to the driver’s window and reaching into the car to hit him. According to a report in India Today, an FIR has been registered against the woman after the cab driver filed a complaint against her. The police said that the FIR has been registered under relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code after the man’s complaint and an investigation is underway.

A few days ago, videos of the woman thrashing the man had surfaced on social media, with many calling for the woman’s arrest. In a two-minute-long video posted on social media, the woman can be seen slapping and hitting the man, alleging that the car hit her while she was walking. The video shows a traffic police constable standing by, trying to intervene and asking the woman to stop hitting him. Someone in the video, perhaps the one who recorded it, is heard commenting, “Arre badtameez aurat hai (This woman is ill-mannered).” The woman also allegedly broke the cab driver’s phone as well, who is heard saying, “Call the police, she has broken my phone.” At this point, the woman is seen holding the man by the collar, pushing him, and slapping him across the face multiple times.

The video was recorded on July 30 at the Kesari Kheda traffic crossing in Lucknow, according to reports. The incident caused a traffic jam at the spot as well. The woman had alleged that the cab driver misbehaved with her. When passers-by tried to intervene, the woman was seen hitting and arguing with them as well.

CCTV footage of the developments before the incident shows that the cab driver was initially speeding, and seems to have hit the brakes seeing the woman, who was crossing the road on the zebra crossing. Many users have pointed out that the cab driver may have been trying to cut through the signal though the traffic light was red, others alleged that the woman crossed the road when one signal was green. 

The victim Saadat Ali Siddiqui has lodged an FIR.

The Lucknow Police registered a case against the woman under sections 394, 427 of IPC after the social media uproar. #ArrestLucknowGirl has been trending on Twitter since Monday morning.

The CCTV footage of the incident also surfaced in which it is visible that the woman is crossing the road. The woman came in front of the car all of a sudden but the car did not collide with her, but still, she started beating the driver all of a sudden.

The police on the contrary had taken the cab driver and his accomplice to the police station on the complaint of the woman and fined them under section 151 for breach of peace. The woman was, however, released after giving a warning. However, now after the social media uproar, police have lodged a case against the woman.