Hyderabad(PTI): A 36-year-old temple priest was on Friday arrested for allegedly bludgeoning his paramour to death with a stone after she pressured him to marry her, police said.

In March, Kuruganti Apsara had asked Ayyagari Venkat Surya Sai Krishna to marry her even though she was aware that he was married. The woman blackmailed him saying if he failed to marry her she would expose him. Vexed with her behaviour, Sai Krishna decided to kill Apsara, a police release said.

On the night of June 3, he picked up the woman from her home, killed her and carried her body in a car. Later, he dumped it in a manhole. He took the mother of the deceased to a police station and lodged a false complaint stating that Apsara was missing.

On June 6, he brought two tipper loads of red soil and covered the manhole. He also burnt her handbag and luggage. After that he washed his car and parked it in his apartment.

The following day, he visited the spot and after noticing the bad smell emanating, he got some labourers to cover and seal the manhole with concrete.

After verifying the CCTV footage, the police found that there were contradictions in the account of the accused. During interrogation, he confessed to having murdered the woman, the release added.


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New Delhi (PTI): On the 49th anniversary of Emergency, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Tuesday that its dark days are a reminder of how the Congress subverted basic freedoms and trampled over the Constitution which every Indian respects greatly.

Hitting out at the main opposition party, he said in posts on X that those who imposed the Emergency have no right to profess their love for our Constitution.

Modi said, "These are the same people who have imposed Article 356 on innumerable occasions, got a Bill to destroy press freedom, destroyed federalism and violated every aspect of the Constitution."

"The mindset which led to the imposition of the Emergency is very much alive among the same Party which imposed it. They hide their disdain for the Constitution through their tokenism but the people of India have seen through their antics and that is why they have rejected them time and again," he said.

Just to cling on to power, the then Congress Government disregarded every democratic principle and turned the nation into a jail, Modi said, adding that any person who disagreed with the party was tortured and harassed.

"Socially regressive policies were unleashed to target the weakest sections," he said.

On June 25, 1975, the then prime minister Indira Gandhi, a Congress stalwart, imposed Emergency in the country, suspending civil liberties, jailing opposition leaders and dissidents and effecting press censorship.

The prime minister said the anniversary on Tuesday is a day to pay homage to all those great men and women who resisted the Emergency.

The first day of the 18th Lok Sabha on Monday witnessed a war of words between Prime Minister Modi and Congress chief Mallikarjun Kharge over the imposition of Emergency.