Surathkal: Four leaders of the Popular Front of India (PFI) were detained by the National Investigation Agency (NIA) in Mangaluru on Thursday morning.

NIA personnel have detained PFI leaders Nawaz of Kavoor, A K Ashraf of Bajpe Jokatte, Moideen of Haleyangadi and Ashraf of Kankanady. While Nawaz, A K Ashraf and Moideen were detained on the spot, Ashraf of Kankanady, who had gone to New Delhi, was detained at the national capital, said the sources.

The detention followed a raid by the NIA on the homes and offices of the PFI leaders in Kankanady, Haleyangadi, Jokatte and Kavoor in Mangaluru and on the offices of the SDPI leaders. The NIA conducted the raids simultaneously at around 3:30 am on Thursday.

In addition, the offices of both PFI and SDPI leaders situated near Nellikai Road in the State Bank area of Mangaluru were raided by the NIA personnel.

The agency personnel also confiscated the mobile phones of all the residents of the houses for further investigation. The NIA raided and searched the house of Moideen’s mother also on the occasion, it is learned.

SDPI district president Abubakar Kulai, who spoke to reporters, said, “The NIA has given no clear reason for the raid on the SDPI offices. The personnel have conducted an unaccountable search at our offices. When asked for the grounds for the raid on the SDPI offices, the personnel have merely justified that it is a raid on a PFI office.”

The president expressed further dissatisfaction on the confiscation of materials. “The NIA personnel have taken away the SDPI office building rent agreement document, our laptops as well as some photographs related to our organization rather than confiscating any official record,” he added.

“In addition to an unauthorized raid on our offices, the NIA staff members have destroyed work materials here. We will fight it out in court,” Kulai stated.

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Chandigarh, Sep 29: With cases of dog attacks reported from "many places", the Panchkula Municipal Corporation has banned the "ferocious" pitbull and rottweiler breeds of dogs as pets within the city limits, officials said on Thursday.

A decision to this effect was taken during a meeting of the MC House on Thursday, Mayor Kulbushan Goyal told reporters in Panchkula.

He said there were 24 agenda points before the meeting and all were passed by the House.

"As far as the issue pertaining to dogs was concerned, those pet owners who do not get their dogs registered will be fined Rs 2,000. Besides, two ferocious dog breeds have been banned in the city. Pitbull and rottweiler breeds have also been banned in many other cities and in Panchkula too they have been banned," the Mayor said.

He said there have been cases of dog attacks especially by these dog breeds at many places, and that people were bothered about this.