Bengaluru: In an effort to curb the spread of misinformation and prevent communal violence incited through social media platforms, Priyank Kharge, the district in-charge Minister of Kalaburagi, directed top officials of the district to track down and take stringent action against those responsible.

During a meeting with revenue and police officials at the Kalaburagi Deputy Commissioner's office auditorium, Kharge expressed concern over false allegations being circulated on social media. He specifically mentioned a claim circulating that he was involved in the recent murder of a police constable from Jewargi. To address the issue, Kharge instructed senior police officers to form a dedicated team responsible for monitoring social media posts and promptly taking legal action against individuals spreading fake news. He emphasized the importance of preventing communal tension and recommended that individuals claiming to be "Gau-Rakshakas" (cow protectors) and attempting to incite violence be arrested and prosecuted.

Additionally, Minister Kharge sternly ordered the police to refrain from accepting funds from illegal sand smuggling networks. He further instructed officials to seize vehicles carrying overloaded sand and file appropriate cases against the perpetrators. Notably, Medical Education Minister Dr. Sharanaprakash Patil echoed these sentiments, advocating for the seizure of such vehicles and registration of cases against those involved in illicit sand activities.

Furthermore, Minister Patil identified the presence of 22 clubs in the city engaged in unlawful activities. He urged officials to provide information on the police station limits where these activities occur and instructed them to conduct raids on such clubs while suspending police officers within the respective jurisdiction.

Meanwhile, DCP Srinivasalu received explicit instructions from Dr. Patil to ensure that no clubs involved in illegal activities are permitted within the city limits.

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New Delhi (PTI): AAP MP Raghav Chadha thanked the Supreme Court and Rajya Sabha chairman on Monday, after his suspension from the Upper House of Parliament was discontinued.

In a video message, Chadha thanked people for their love and blessings that he received during the period of suspension.

"I had to approach the Supreme Court to get my suspension discontinued. It was after the Supreme Court's intervention that my suspension was ended. At least for 115 days, I was suspended. During those days, I could not ask your questions inside Parliament and was not able to raise your voice inside the House," he said.

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader said he received a lot of love and blessings from people during the period of his suspension.

"I am happy that my suspension was ended. I am thankful to the Supreme Court and Rajya Sabha chairman for this. During the 115 days, I got a lot of love and blessings from people. I got strength from you guys. I am thankful to you from the bottom of my heart," he said.

Chadha was suspended from the Upper House in August for alleged breach of privileges.