The suspense over the next Vice-Chancellor of Karnataka State Akkamahadevi Women’s University has remained unsolved with the government continuing to delay the appointment of the VC for the lone Women’s University of the state.

It has been almost five months since the tenure of the last VC ended and the university has remained without an active VC ever since. In the absence of an active VC, Omkar Kakade, the Head of the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication has held the position of acting VC of the university.

The Committee however has reportedly submitted its recommendations of the candidates for the post about three months ago, but the government is yet to take a final call on the matter. Sources have added that three names recommended by the committee for the post are Prof. Pushpa Savadatti, Prof. Tulasi Mala, and Prof. Gomati Devi.

Since Prof. Gomati Devi has already been appointed as the Vice-Chancellor of Bangalore University, the competition is now left between Prof. Savadatti and Prof. Tulasi Mala.

It is said that Prof. Savadatti is in the race for the post of VC of the Central University of Gulbarga also, however since some other candidates are also in the fray, thus she is trying her luck in Women’s university here.

The allegations against the government is that despite the committee suggesting the names three months ago, the government has been postponing the decision citing various reasons including recently held by-elections and other administrative works.

Amid this, it is learned that both candidates are making efforts to get the final approval in their favor, for which they are in touch with influential leaders.

Once appointed, the VC will become the fifth VC to take charge of the University since its establishment in Bijapur.

After the previous Congress government made an amendment in Karnataka University Act to reserve the post of VC for women only in this university, male professors cannot become VC, however, they can become acting VC.

Though before the government made the amendment itself, no male VC was appointed, but the amendment has officially removed all possibility of male professors elevating their position to the post of VC of women’s university.

Meanwhile, it would be interesting to see when the government will take final decisions and who will become the next VC.

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Lucknow: A 46-year-old government hospital employee in Uttar Pradesh's Moradabad died on Sunday evening, 24 hours after receiving a Covid vaccine shot. The district's Chief Medical Officer has said the death is unrelated to vaccination.

Ward Boy Mahipal Singh died after complaining of chest congestion and breathlessness. According to his family, he had been unwell before the jab.

"He was vaccinated on Saturday around noon. On Sunday he felt breathless and complained of chest congestion. We are inquiring into the reasons of the death. We will get a post mortem done. It does not seem to be a reaction to vaccination. He did night duty on Saturday too and there were no problems," MC Garg, Moradabad's chief medical officer, told reporters late last night.

The post mortem report reveals the immediate cause of death as "cardiogenic shock/septicemic shock" due to "cardio-pulmonary disease", according to the Uttar Pradesh government.

The man's son told the media he may have been unwell before the vaccination, but that he felt worse after receiving the shot. "My father left the vaccination centre around 1.30 pm, I brought him home. He was feeling breathless and he was coughing. He had a bit of pneumonia, the usual cough and cold, but he started feeling worse after returning home," Mahipal Singh's son Vishal told the media. 

In a press release, the UP govt said it vaccinated 22,643 people on Saturday, day 1 of India's Covid Vaccination drive. The next day of vaccination in Uttar Pradesh is Friday, January 22.