Bengaluru (PTI): Karnataka Higher Education Minister M C Sudhakar on Tuesday said he is holding discussions with experts and stakeholders regarding the National Education Policy (NEP), implemented by the previous BJP government and a decision will be taken about continuing it in the days ahead, in consultation with the Chief Minister.

The Minister also said consultations will also be held with the Primary and Secondary Education department while taking a decision, as the policy is applicable to that department as well.

"Regarding NEP we had called a meeting of experts who have studied about it, already a delegation under the leadership of Niranjanaradhya has met the Chief Minister and have shared their opinion regarding NEP. After assuming charge as the Minister I'm getting details about NEP and its pros and cons, and the Congress party' stand on it," Sudhakar said.

Speaking to reporters here, he said, to gather further information and inputs he is holding consultations and discussions with various experts who were involved in the implementation of NEP, also with former Vice- Chancellors.

"With two years since the implementation of NEP, we are also trying to gather information from the teaching fraternity regarding the issues faced and the actual situation on ground, and information regarding whether it was implemented in a hurry," the Minister said.

Noting that NEP is also applicable to Primary and Secondary Education, he further said, "the Primary and Secondary Education Minister is taking certain measures regarding textbooks, after that, both of us will hold a meeting together, gather detailed information and, have plans to to take further decision after bringing it to the notice of the Chief Minister."

Stating that the education sector will not be allowed to be "adulterated" in the name of NEP, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah recently during his meeting with more than 40 writers and heads of various organisations, said a separate meeting would be convened in this regard once again to discuss it comprehensively and take strict decisions.

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Bengaluru: In an incident reported from N Devarahalli in Chitradurga district, a specially-abled couple faced social boycott and were slapped with a fine of Rs 30,000 by leaders of the Jogi community. The couple, Savithramma and Manikantha, both hailing from different castes and living with hearing and speech impairments, had entered into an inter-caste marriage three years ago.

Recently, after Savithramma returned to Devarahalli with her husband during her postpartum period, community leaders from her native village expressed strong disapproval of her decision to marry outside her caste. Consequently, they ostracized the couple and imposed a hefty fine on them.

Under the pressure from the community leaders, the couple was compelled to leave the village. Seeking refuge, Savithramma and Manikantha, along with their newborn child, sought shelter at the Santwana Kendra in Challakere before eventually returning to Bengaluru.