Mangaluru: One of the major debates going around in Karnataka is the re-opening of schools for students after the COVID-19 lockdown. Parents, teachers, academicians, and activists have expressed their opinions on the issue, while a section of people pressing on reopening the school for the students. The state government, however, has categorically postponed the reopening of schools in the state till December 31 while experts and sources have also added that the government is mulling to reopen schools only when a vaccine for COVID-19 is available.

Doctor and activist Srinivas Kakkilaya has opposed the plans of the government not re-opening schools in Karnataka at least till December 31 this year. The talks are rife that the government is planning to re-open schools for students only after the vaccine for Coronavirus is released. Dr. Kakkilaya stood against the opinion and added that this amounts to injustice to students when all the other establishments are allowed to resume operations but schools.

Dr. Kakkilaya said the vaccine for the virus will not be released anytime soon, and once it is released it will be administered to COVID-warriors and other sections of the society including senior citizens on a priority basis which makes the idea of opening schools after availability of vaccination, pointless.

He also added that all the countries in the world prioritized the opening of schools after lifting the COVID-19 lockdown and the same idea and priority should be followed in India.

“The Education Minister has clearly emphasized that year zero will not be considered, and this is right. In a child’s life, year zero does not exist. Whatever the children are supposed to learn in a given year, they must learn.

“In the past, the schools used to begin in June and all the academic essentials would be delivered by the end of December, after which for 2-3 months the schools used to undertake sports activities, cultural events, and examination preparations. If the schools had resumed this coming December, until May, the academic curriculum could have been imparted, and in June, like usual, preparations to start another academic year could have been started, then there would be no question of a year zero.  Since the Teachers, Students, and Parents have expressed their opinions that there is no need to cut the curriculum, these requests will be presented before the government” he said.

“The reality is that very rarely does Corona spread from Children to adults, these cases are very few.  Children will not face any problems because of Corona. What is the number of children who have been infected by corona? How many children have been admitted to hospitals? How many children have died due to corona? Let the government release these details to the public. The chances of children being affected by Corona are very minimal, and even if they are affected, Children are asymptomatic. The number of symptomatic children registered in the state is very few.  Looking at the facts and figures from the government, it has been proven that the closure of schools this long has not aided in reducing the rate of transmission in the state” he further added.

Opining that the children below the age of 10 years in the school will not need to wear masks and follow other COVID-related rules, Kakkilaya said the students are asymptomatic and will in most cases not show symptoms like cough, fever, and other symptoms.

“Therefore, the children in that category don't have to wear masks or follow other COVID-related rules. However, the children in High Schools must be cautious and take precautions related to preventing the illness” he said.

“The World Health Organization, America’s CDC, and other Studies around the world have proven that Corona does not transmit through touch or touching objects. They have categorically falsified the claim.

“Once the schools reopen, we won’t be able to notice even if a child has been infected, or when the child has recovered. It will help strengthen the collective immune system of a society. The World's disease transmission experts have said that the exacerbation of the disease does not have to result in certain death. Therefore, there is no correlation between the reopening of schools and the predicted 2nd, 3rd waves of the corona” he noted.

Speaking about the second and third waves of the virus in the metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Delhi, and Bengaluru, Kakkilaya said when the daily-wage workers who had headed to their natives during the lockdown will return to the cities they work in, they might show symptoms of the virus leading to second and third waves of the virus. He also said “When that happens, the government must provide them with appropriate medical arrangements. Mobile clinics must be set up in various places. By doing this, they must bring the children out of a constant state of anxiety and create an opportunity to go back to learning”.

“Both, government and Private schools must be reopened as it is necessary for the children and parents. Online education is not proving to be effective with children. Children require education, nutrition, and health. They will not obtain all of this staying at home. Corona will not raise a problem for children. We have hindered the all-round development of the children. This is inexcusable. Since the spread of the corona has become scarce, the possibility of children and teachers being affected by the disease is minimal, therefore schools must be opened immediately” he said.

China Is 30 Years Ahead Of India Due To Their Prioritization of Education

“Due to China’s prioritization of education, China is ahead of India by 30 years.  China is 6 years ahead of America in this regard. If we observe the report of findings, the findings published by the Chinese Scientists are No. 1 in place. We are 30 years behind China.

“It is notable to observe that China, America, New Zealand, Taiwan, Sweden have already reopened their schools and colleges, while Australia hasn’t even shut its schools through the pandemic. On the other hand, it has been 9 months since India has closed all its schools-colleges. As compared to students from other countries in the world, our children are way behind in learning. It is incumbent on us to think about our Children’s future” Dr. Kakkilaya concluded.

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New Delhi: India recorded the lowest number of coronavirus fatalities in over eight months with 131 more deaths being recorded, the Health Ministry said on Monday.

The COVID-19 caseload rose to 1,06,67,736 with 13,203 more infections. There are 1,84,182 active cases, which is 1.73 per cent of the caseload and it remained below 2 lakh for the sixth consecutive day, according to the ministry data.

As many as 1,03,30,084 people have recuperated, taking the recovery rate to 96.83 per cent,.

The fatality rate rose to 1.4 per cent and 131 more deaths include 45 from Maharashtra, 20 from Kerala, nine from Delhi and eight each from Chhattisgarh, West Bengal and Uttar Pradesh.

A total of 1,53,470 deaths have been reported so far in the country, including 50,785 from Maharashtra, followed by 12,316 in Tamil Nadu, 12,197 in Karnataka, 10,808 in Delhi, 10,115 in West Bengal, 8,617 in Uttar Pradesh and 7,147 in Andhra Pradesh.

According to the ICMR, 19.23 crore tests have been conducted so far with 5,70,246 samples being tested on Sunday. The ministry stressed that more than 70 per cent of the deaths occurred due to comorbidities.

"Our figures are being reconciled with the Indian Council of Medical Research," the ministry said on its website, adding that statewide distribution of figures was subject to further verification and reconciliation.