Bengaluru: KPCC President, D.K Shivakumar expressed outrage at the Chikkaballapur explosion and said, “The state government’s irresponsibility is the reason behind the loss of six lives that occurred in the gelatine explosion near Chikkaballapur’s illegal rock quarry. How many more innocent lives must be sacrificed to this government’s indifference?”

“In the last one month, this is the second time that such a tragedy has taken place. I had earlier said during the time of the explosion in Shimoga that appropriate action must be taken to ensure safe management and transportation of explosives, and that action should be taken to maintain compliance with the Code of Conduct. But, this government has been busy immersed in their own internal issues to even pay attention to these aspects. Other than issuing statements before the media saying that they will take action against the wrong-doers, they have not taken any action. If they had any action, such a tragedy would not have repeated”, an angry DKShi added. 

“The statements about taking strict action against the wrong-doers is laughable. The government representatives issuing these statements look like jokers. The loss of six innocent lives at Chikkaballapur is the effect of this” he said .

“The fact that the State government which spoke about regulating illegal mining, has not worked in this regard is apparent with the occurrence of this tragedy”, alleged DKShi. 

“This government says something and does something else. The Government must provide  suitable compensation to the families of the deceased. Along with that, they must also ensure strict actions are taken against the wrong-doers responsible for this incident. The state government must wake up at least now, and see to it that no more innocent lives are lost in this manner”, D. K. Shivakumar demanded.

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Mumbai: A Mumbai court on Monday issued a bailable warrant against actor Kangana Ranaut after she failed to appear before it in connection with a defamation complaint filed against her by lyricist Javed Akhtar.

The Andheri metropolitan magistrate's court issued a summons to Ranaut on February 1, directing her to appear before it on March 1.

However, Ranaut failed to appear on Monday following which Magistrate R R Khan issued a bailable warrant against her and posted the matter for further hearing on March 26.

A lawyer in the case had earlier informed March 22 as the next date of hearing.

Ranaut's advocate Rizwan Siddiquee argued in the court that the summons and process were issued against Ranaut without following the procedure laid down in law and hence, were "bad in law".

Siddiquee said a petition would be filed in the Bombay High Court challenging the process issued by the magistrate.

Akhtar's advocate Vrinda Grover, however, argued that even if the process is being challenged, Ranaut has to appear before the court as directed, in the absence of any stay on the summons by a higher court.

"It is the accused's right to appeal against the order, or even challenge the proceedings, that no one can deny and no one can stop, not even this court. However, she (Ranaut) has failed to comply with the order of this court and there is also no stay obtained from a higher court,"the lawyer argued.

Grover then filed an application seeking a non- bailable warrant to be issued against the actor. This was opposed by Siddiquee.

Magistrate Khan observed that Ranaut was at the liberty to approach a higher court to challenge the process issued against her, but that would not absolve her from appearing before this court.

The court issued a bailable warrant against Ranaut and posted the matter for hearing on March 26.

Last month, the Mumbai police submitted a report to the court, saying an offence of defamation was made out against the actor.

Akhtar filed the complaint against Ranaut in November last year for allegedly making baseless and false statements against him which, according to him, damaged his reputation.

In his complaint, the lyricist claimed Ranaut had made defamatory comments against him in an interview by dragging his name while referring to a "coterie" existing in Bollywood, following the death of actor Sushant Singh Rajput in June last year.

Akhtar in his plea claimed the baseless comments made by Ranaut had caused damage to his reputation.