Bengaluru: Recognising the role of a single male parent in the upbringing of a child, the Karnataka government announced a progressive move on Friday stating that single male government employees will be entitled to avail paternity leave with immediate effect.

Until now, such leave was applicable only to women, and henceforth, single male parents will also be eligible to get paternity leave for a maximum period of 6 months.

According to the order, ‘single male parents’ includes employees who are unmarried, divorced or are widowers tasked with the responsibility of bringing up a child single-handedly.

The government felt that the requests to allow leave for single men who were raising children was justified, the order said.

Furthermore, the order stated that the if during this leave, employees get married then the paternity leave will automatically cease to exist.

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Karwar: The District Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) of Uttara Kannada has issued a warning in light of heavy rainfall predicted by the Indian Meteorological Department and the Karnataka State Natural Disaster Management Centre. The coastal part of the state is expected to experience severe weather conditions over the next four days.

A Red Alert has been announced for today, July 14, 2024, and tomorrow, July 15, 2024

Precautionary Measures for the Public:

1. Avoid water bodies: The public and fishermen are advised to stay away from rivers, water bodies, and the sea.
2. Electrical hazards: Children and the public should avoid going near electric poles and stay clear of severed electric wires.
3. Structural safety: Avoid standing near or under trees, and stay away from fragile or old buildings.
4. Evacuation advisory: Residents in low-lying areas or those living in buildings at risk of collapsing due to the weather are advised to move to safe locations. Designated care centers identified by the concerned Tahsildar are available for shelter.

Emergency Contact:
In case of any emergency, residents are urged to contact the District Disaster Emergency Helpline at 1077 or 9483511015.

The DDMA stresses that these precautions must be followed diligently throughout the rainy season to ensure public safety.