New Delhi, July 30: Building a strong value system in the organization is vital. It primarily reflects the work efficiency of the employees of a company that helps to retain clients and get new businesses by timely delivery of quality work resulting in customer satisfaction. So every boss should try the basic things that can help in improving efficiency of employees.

Sumesh Menon, CEO and Co-founder, U2opia suggests some ways to improve efficiency at workplace.

  • Delegate Tasks Based on Skills and Passions: Identifying skill sets and behavior of employees is the epicenter while allocating work to employees. Before assigning tasks, one must assess strength and weaknesses of the employees to execute the timely deliveries. A street-smart, creative, offbeat thinker can be a great match for business development while they may find it difficult to perform routine detail-oriented tasks.
  • Persuade and Incentivize Employees: Taking in account employees' views while making a decision can persuade them to work efficiently and encourage them to foster a high level of ownership in their decision making process. A great way to boost the employees' enthusiasm for working efficiently is to reward them for their efforts towards the organization's goal. Recognizing a worker's dedication encourages them to be consistent and further increases their productivity.
  • Increase responsiveness With Mobile Technology: 
  • Technology has influenced every aspect of human life, for instance in this world of communication, email has actually made surface mail redundant, mobile phones empowering us to talk to anyone instantly by click of a button or through video conferencing wherein we can actually see and partially experience people whom we are talking to. With the inclusion of e-learning, technology has tremendously increased the reach.
  • Prioritize the Important and urgent tasks:
  • One can realize the urgency of the task based on the deadlines assigned to it. It is really important to maintain a TDL every day and segregate them in terms of Primary, secondary and least important i.e. which can be carried forward to the next day. This helps in analyzing if the primary tasks of the day are accomplished.

Neerav Jain, CEO and Founder, Cityfurnish India's fastest growing furniture and consumer durable rental platform, recommend the following ways to improve efficiency at workplace:

  • Take a Break:   
  • It might sound absurd but taking short breaks can help escalate concentration. Taking short breaks during longer tasks improve focus and help to maintain a constant level of performance.
  • Efficiency over Perfection: Trying to do everything perfectly is a common practice among professionals but we need to accept that nothing is ever perfect. Instead, we should focus on doing things to the best of our ability and move on. If need be, we can always come back and adjust or improve it later.

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Bengaluru/Mantralayam (PTI): Senior BJP leader B S Yediyurappa on Thursday said party leaders will begin their travel across Karnataka in teams from August 21, as part of preparations in the run-up to the 2023 Assembly polls.

Bengaluru/Mantralayam (PTI): Senior BJP leader B S Yediyurappa on Thursday said party leaders will begin their travel across Karnataka in teams from August 21, as part of preparations in the run-up to the 2023 Assembly polls.

The former Chief Minister reiterated that he will not be contesting any polls here on, but will work with other BJP leaders for the party's victory and installing it in power in the State.

"From 21st (August) we will all begin travelling across the state, we have not yet decided on from where to start and it will be soon three to four teams headed by various leaders we will travel across the state in all districts," Yediyurappa said.

Speaking to reporters in Mantralayam, a pilgrim village located in Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh, he said the BJP will go to every division and organise large-scale events gathering lakhs of people.
"No doubt, Congress leader Siddaramaiah's 75th birthday event was a huge one, but in a month's time after our events are planned, you will realise what's our strength and what was theirs (Congress')," he added in response to a question whether Siddaramaiah's mega event will cause any setback to the BJP.
Rejecting speculation regarding Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai being replaced, the veteran leader said he doesn't expect any changes to happen at this point in time, when elections are expected in seven to eight months.
"There is no need for it (change) as well, as he (Bommai) is doing a good job, so I expect that he will continue, so there is no truth in this speculation," he said.
Responding to Congress' criticism against BJP, accusing it of forcefully removing him as CM and neglecting him, Yediyurappa reiterated that he voluntarily resigned (as CM) to make way for others, and no one forced him to do so.
"The talk that I'm being neglected in the BJP is not right, the position and respect that the party has given me cannot be compared with, I was made CM four times, I was given all sorts of responsibilities. I have faced no injustice from the party in any kind. It is my duty to pay back as a worker and will do it," he said.
Stating that during his meeting with Union Home Minister Amit Shah last week in Bengaluru, they discussed political developments in the state, Yediyurappa said he has assured him about working along with other leaders towards bringing BJP back to power in the state.
Reiterating that he will not contest in Assembly or any other elections hereon, the senior BJP leader said he will continue to remain in politics and work day and night for the party's victory.
"I have already said if the central leadership agrees, Vijayendra (son) will contest from Shikaripura (his Assembly constituency). If the party's central leadership agrees he will contest and win," he said.