Lucknow: Doctors at Balrampur Hospital in Lucknow removed a large lump of hair weighing around 2kg from the stomach of a 17-year-old teenage girl here.

The doctors said the girl was suffering from a rare psychological condition named Trichobezoar where patients eat their own hair by plucking it.

Gastro-surgeon at the Balrampur Hospital Dr. SR Samadder said the patients do so out of depression, and to hide the plucked hair from others, they tend to eat it.

“10 days ago, this girl came to our hospital and complained of vomiting and abdominal pain. There was a large swelling on the upper portion of her abdomen. Her problem couldn’t be diagnosed through ultrasound, X-ray, or CT scan, so we did an endoscopy and found a large trichobezoar in her stomach,” he said.

The doctor further said the lump of hair removed from the stomach of the patient weighed around 2 kg and was measuring 20 cm in length and 15 cm in width. He also informed that the lump had taken the form of a ball of stone inside the stomach of the patient.

“Due to the lump, the food couldn’t stay in the stomach and neither could it pass to the small intestine. Therefore, the girl was getting weaker. She weighed only 32 kg despite being 17 years old. Now that she is operated upon, she will recover soon and will be able to ingest food within four to five days,” he added.

“It is a psychological problem. The person plucks out his hair and eats it hiding it from others. After the girl is in a stable condition, I will refer her to the psychiatric department of our hospital where she would get counseling,” he said.

“She will be given psychotherapy and social therapy. But her parents need to be vigilant as well,” he added.

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Kota (Rajasthan)(PTI): Upset over regular fights with her husband, a 40-year-old woman allegedly jumped into a well with her five minor daughters, all of whom died, when the man had gone to attend the condolence meeting of a relative, police said Sunday.

They said the villagers spotted the six bodies Sunday morning and informed the police who rushed the bodies to a local hospital.

The deceased woman has been identified as Badamdevi, a mother of seven and the wife of Shivlal Banjara, a resident of Banjaron Ka Dera at Kaliyahedi village under Chechat police station.

The five minor deceased girls are Savitri (14), Ankali (8), Kajal (6), Gunjan (4) and one-year-old Archana. Police said the two other daughters -- Gayatri (15) and Punam (7) -- escaped the ill-fate as they remained asleep.

Chechat Circle Officer DSP Praveen Nayak said prima facie the routine fights between the woman and her husband was the reason behind the woman taking the extreme step.

Shivlal worked as a blanket and cloth vendor.

The CO said the man was not present at his home when the incident occurred on the intervening night of Saturday on Sunday as he had gone to attend the condolence meeting at his relative's home in another village.

Chechat police station SHO Rajendra Meena said the well is just 100 meters from the house of the woman.

Shivlal returned to home Sunday morning after being informed of the incident but he did not tell the police why his wife took the extreme step, the SHO said.

A case under section 174 of CrPC would be lodged in the matter to investigate carried out, he said.

The postmortem of the six bodies is underway, he said.