Kolkata: A spacecraft systems engineer at NASA has said that the recent Chandrayaan 2 mission has been a "learning experience" for Indian scientists as it has helped ISRO to gather a lot of information about the Moon.

Anne Devereaux, working at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) of NASA, is the lead flight system engineer for the US space agency's Mars 2020 mission.

Speaking at the American Center here on Wednesday, Devereaux said, "The Indian scientists did very well. Lot of information (was) gathered. The orbiter has been successful".

Chandrayaan 2, the second Indian lunar mission, had suffered a snag while attempting a historic landing on the uncharted South Pole of the Moon.

The lander 'Vikram' lost communication with ground stations during its final 2.1-km descent on September 7.

When asked what could have happened to the lander, the NASA engineer said, "It is upto ISRO scientists to figure out what went wrong.

"It is a learning experience for Indian scientists. We do learn from failures.

She said, even her husband was tracking the mission from JPL on that day, but after some time he had sent a message to her - "I don't see it anymore."

The Chadrayaan 1 mission had been "spectacularly successful" which confirmed about the significant presence of water in the Moon, Devereaux said.

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Bengaluru: The Karnataka High Court on Saturday observed that no student above the age of 18 years, teachers, and staff can be allowed to attend schools and colleges unless they have received at least one jab of the COVID vaccine.

The division bench comprising Chief Justice Ritu Raj Awasthi and Justice Sachin Shankar Magadum was hearing a PIL filed by Mangaluru doctor Srinivas B Kakkilaya and others. The bench dismissed the PIL and said at least one dose of the COVID vaccine should be mandatorily taken by those attending schools and colleges.

The PIL had claimed that the circular issued by the state government on July 16, 2021, making vaccination mandatory in nature was in violation of fundamental rights as guaranteed under Articles 14 and 19 (1) (g) of the Constitution of India.

It had also added that the World Health Organisation (WHO) has maintained that the vaccination does not prevent the spread of the virus hence has little potential of stopping the pandemic.

According to the petitioners, such discrimination based on unreasonable classification, such as status of vaccination of an individual, is curbing the rights to practice any profession. The petitioners further claimed that the circular violates the dictum of the Supreme Court in the Common Cause Vs Union of India (2018) case which recognized the right, choice, and liberty of an individual to prefer the medicine of his/ her choice.

“We are of the considered view that no student, teacher or staff who have not received vaccines shall be permitted to attend the school or college, where the students gather in large numbers and risk them. As such no directions can be issued to permit such teachers, students, or staff who have not received at least one dose of vaccine to attend colleges in terms GO dated July 16, 2021,” the court said.