Indore (MP): Videos of furious delegates speaking about the mismanagement by the Madhya Pradesh Government at the 17th NRI Meet are doing the rounds on social media platforms. The G20 17th NRI Meet was organized at Indore with Prime Minister Narendra Modi visiting the event on Monday.

In a video that is widely being shared on Twitter, a delegate from Jamaica, Prashant Singh can be seen lamenting at the Madhya Pradesh Government adding that the government led by CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan cannot manage a crowd of 3000 people while the country aims to be a global power.

“Delegates including Ministers from Jamaica have come for the NRI Meet. The arrangements of the Indian government are so pathetic that CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan should be fired.” He said in the video.

“This guy (Shivraj Singh Chouhan) cannot manage a crowd of 3000 people then how can we become a global power? This is utterly shameful. All the reputation that we will build by our hard work, this guy has taken it down in a second.” Singh further said in the video.

Similar videos of women speaking about how they were made to wait for hours and then asked to sit out as the sitting facility was utilized completely are also doing rounds. In the video, the women expressed their anguish that even after registering for the event and despite being invited guests for PM Modi’s interaction, they were asked to sit outside the designated hall citing overcrowding.

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New Delhi, Mar 4: The Supreme Court on Monday held that MPs and MLAs do not enjoy immunity from prosecution for taking bribe to make a speech or cast a vote in the legislature.

A seven-judge constitution bench headed by Chief Justice D Y Chandrachud unanimously overruled the 1998 verdict delivered by a five-judge bench in the JMM bribery case by which MPs and MLAs were granted immunity from prosecution for taking bribe to make a speech or vote in the legislature.

Pronouncing the verdict, the CJI said bribery is not protected by parliamentary privileges and the interpretation of the 1998 verdict is contrary to Articles 105 and 194 of the Constitution.

Articles 105 and 194 deal with the powers and privileges of MPs and MLAs in Parliament and legislative assemblies.

The CJI, who read the operative part of the verdict for the bench, said that bribery is not immune under the articles as it erodes probity in public life.