Bengaluru: Standup Comedian and satire artist Danish Sait on Thursday took to his official Twitter account to share the news and pictures of his wedding with Anya Rangaswami. Danish sought blessings of people on micro-blogging site as the couple embarked on the new journey.

Several celebrities including Anushka Sharma, Sunita Kapoor, and actor Siddharth wished the newlyweds and congratulated them for their wedding.

What caught the eyes of netizens was however the congratulatory messages shared by BJP MPs Tejasvi Surya and Pratap Simha, both of whom are considered to be hardcore Hindutva advocates against Love Jihad, a concept popularized by right-wing organisations.

Pratap Simha wrote “Congratulations Bro” on Danish’s post while Tejasvi wrote “Best wishes. Wish you a very happy married life, brother.”

Danish thanked both the legislators for their wishes by commenting back to their reactions.

Twitter users were, however, quick to note the reaction of the two young BJP MPs and called out their hypocrisy on “Love Jihad” issue. Users slammed the duo of falsely implying and propagating “Love Jihad” when a common man gets into an inter-religious wedding while they congratulate the couple if they are friends with them or if it’s a celebrity.

Users also questioned the credibility of their “Love Jihad” campaign. A few right-wing users also slammed the two MPs and asked them to step down from the BJP as they claimed the duo was supporting an anti-agenda of the party.

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Bengaluru, Sep 20: The alleged rape of a minor girl by a migrant labourer from West Bengal and the demand by the girl's parents and local people urging the police to hand over the accused following his arrest led to tense moments at a police station here.

The minor was allegedly raped on Sunday by Saurav Mistry, a 23-year old labourer from 24 Parganas in West Bengal after he took the five-year old girl on the pretext of showing her a video on his mobile phone.

The girl returned home crying and complained to her parents about the accused. Subsequently, the parents approached the police and lodged a complaint. The police acted swiftly and arrested the migrant worker.

By then, the parents had alerted the neighbours, who gathered at the Sanjay Nagar police station demanding that police to hand over the man to them.

The crowd dispersed after the police assured them that they would ensure justice to the victim and punishment to the accused.