Book: Philosophy for Children
Author - Sundar Sarukkai
Illustration - Priya Kuriyan
Price - ₹175 Pages - 72
Published - 2021

Do we think while seeing, reading, and writing? Are our children engaged in many given activities that they do not have the leisure to think on their own? Writing a book for children is a very difficult task for even a seasoned author. It becomes even tougher when that book is on philosophy.

Philosophy for children is a beautifully crafted small 72-page book written by Sundar Sarukkai. He is currently a Professor of Philosophy at the National Institute of Advanced Studies, Bangalore. He is the founding director of the Manipal Centre for Philosophy & Humanities, at Manipal University, from 2010-2015. Additionally, Dr Sarukkai is the founder of the Barefoot Philosophers initiative (

This amazing book is divided into eight chapters. Those are seeing, thinking, reading, writing, mathematics, art, being good, and learning. Each chapter is prepared with children aged around 10 in mind. For example, “The funny thing about seeing is that we can also see when our eyes are closed! Try this exercise. Close your eyes. Do you see any shades of colour? When we dream, we do see many things. We can see people, we hear them talking. But when we are dreaming our eyes are closed.”

Each chapter provides us with different perspectives on the human senses. Let me quote another example from the chapter thinking. “Ask yourself these questions: Do you think differently in your Hindi class and your English class? Is that thinking different from what you think when you are learning science and mathematics?”. In this way, Sarukkai walks us through various situations and encourages children to ask questions. It is not often that one comes across classrooms that are question-friendly. “Pindrop silence” is considered the benchmark of a good classroom.

Priya Kuriyan has done exceptional work by adding a large number of colourful illustrations all throughout this book. These pictures play a vital role in making this book extremely children friendly. Priya is an alumnus of the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad. She has been awarded the prestigious Big Little Book Award for her contribution to the field of children’s literature.

The valiant effort of Sarukkai and Priya would have gone in vain but for Ektara’s production. Ektara is a group working in Bhopal towards enriching the child’s world. It is virtually impossible to make this striking book available for ₹175. If you love children and who does not? You cannot think of a better gift than ‘Philosophy for Children.

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