Madikeri: “The politicians, who rush to us even by crossing hills to seek votes during elections, are not remembering us now. No representatives or top officials visited and consoled us when we lost everything, including our homes, in the natural disaster. Nobody is listening to our cries,” lamented victims who have taken shelter at a Madrasa in Napoklu village in the Taluk.

The natural disaster remarkably hit Maade village in Madikeri's Yeradane Monnangeri town. The 83 members of 22 families, who lost their lands and homes, are housed in a camp at Darul Uloom Sunni Madrasa, located at Kottammudi Old Juma Masjid in Napoklu Hodavada village. No politicians or officers, including the Taluk Panchayat, Zilla Panchayat members, Chairman, Local MLAs, and MPs have visited this center.

"We've been in this camp for eleven days. The local Jamaat Committee and everyone in this area has cooperated with us. They have shifted the Madras classes elsewhere so as to provide us with accommodation here. They have provided all the necessary arrangements to us. The district administration has provided health care and police security. But the most disappointing thing is that neither the members of the taluk panchayat, Zilla panchayat nor public representatives are willing to visit us to ask our difficulties. The politicians, who remember us well when elections come, have now forgotten us. They even have no time to find out where we are and what we are up to. We lost homes and lands and became destitute. Redressal of our grievances quickly and permanently is our only request," said Noor Jahan, a victim in the camp.

We believed in the hills and lived. But now our hills, gardens, and homes have gone underground due to a natural disaster. The ISRO officials visited the place, where the hills were cracked and could collapse at any time. It is no longer a habitable area. Now we are in a grave situation as we very much depend on agriculture. The government must provide a permanent solution by providing homes to all the families living here,” MB Fayaz, a student at the rescue camp, urged the government.

Saleem quit the job in Kuwait and returned

My wife called and informed me about the natural disaster on August 17 when I was working in Kuwait. Our family members were all looking for a safe shelter after our house was collapsed. My wife and two children were only available at my home at that time. After learning this situation, my heart did not allow me to be there. Even though I appealed, our Kafeel (boss) did not give me a vacation to come to town. I returned to the city with the assistance of my friends. The Kafeel had asked me to return on August 27. But I do not know how to go leaving my family in this situation. Now we are living in the camp without any work, Saleem told 'Varthabharathi.'

We shelved Madrasa and sheltered victims

We have provided shelter to 83 flood victims in Madrasa. Consequently, the Madrasa classes have been shifted to a makeshift elsewhere. But no politician or government officer have visited to check these victims conditions. No top official consoled them yet. There was no assistance from the government for the initial three days. At that time, they were fed with the cooperation of the locals. Finally, when we sent a message through WhatsApp, the authorities provided health care and police protection to the victims. But how long can they live here? We urge the district administration to provide permanent settlement to these victims,” Hasan and Muhammad, secretary and joint secretary of the Old Juma Masjid of Kottammudi, said.

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New Delhi, Dec 1: The Supreme Court Tuesday rejected the appeal filed by Chanda Kochhar against the Bombay High Court order which had dismissed her plea against being removed as the managing director and CEO of ICICI Bank.

Sorry, we are not inclined to interfere with the high court order, a bench headed by Justice Sanjay Kishan Kaul said.

This falls within the realm of private bank and employee, the apex court said.

The bench was hearing Kochhar's appeal against the March 5 order of the high court which had dismissed the plea against termination of her services as managing director and CEO of ICICI Bank while noting that the dispute arises from a contract of personal service.