Kolkata: His nearly "500 international match experience" gives him the right to speak and guide any player "be it Shreyas Iyer or Virat Kohli", BCCI president Sourav Ganguly hit back at his detractors who made loose allegations of Conflict of Interest against the former India captain.

Before Delhi Capitals' first game of this season, skipper Shreyas Iyer gave an interview to Star Sports where he spoke about contributions from head coach Ricky Ponting and Ganguly (who was a mentor at DC in 2019) in helping him evolve as a successful player and captain.

However, his critics insinuated that Ganguly as BCCI president is helping a franchise captain where he was a mentor, which is a case of Conflict of Interest, something he vehemently denied.

While Iyer had clarified that he was referring to the 2019 season, Ganguly on the day put forth what he thought about the unnecessary controversy.

"I had helped him (Iyer) last year. I may be the Board president, but don't forget that I've played 500 matches (424 matches) for India, so I can speak to a young player and help him, be it, Shreyas Iyer or Virat Kohli. If they want help, I can," Ganguly said during a promotional event.

An irate Iyer, not too amused with the controversy, on his part, had tweeted his clarification.

"As a young captain, I am thankful to Ricky and Dada for being a part of my journey as a cricketer and captain last season. My comment ...... was to emphasize my gratitude towards the role they both have played in my personal growth as a captain," the DC captain had said.

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Dehradun: A civil judge in Uttarakhand has been dismissed from service for allegedly torturing a minor girl who worked as a domestic help at her residence, official sources here said on Wednesday.

An order to dismiss Haridwar Civil Judge (Senior Division) Deepali Sharma from service for torturing a minor girl was issued by Additional Chief Secretary Radha Raturi following the Governor's consent, the sources said.

Her dismissal is in keeping with a resolution to this effect passed by a full bench of the Uttarakhand High Court and the recommendation of the state government.

The 13-year-old girl worked at Sharma's residence in Haridwar as domestic help from 2015 to 2018.

Sharma was under suspension in connection with the case since February 2018. Her suspension had followed a police raid at her Haridwar residence in January 2018 in compliance with an order of the Uttarakhand High Court. Police found during the raid that the girl had several injury marks on her body.

The girl was rescued and a charge sheet filed against Sharma which led to her suspension about a month later.

The high court had intervened in the matter on the basis of a report submitted to the court by the Haridwar District Judge Rajendra Singh about the alleged torture of the girl at Sharma's residence.