Washington: People in Charlotte, North Carolina, who were testing their cameras to get shots of the night sky as well as airplanes, also captured what they believe to be a picture of a pair of alien spacecraft, recently.

The people said that they had been trying to film planes using a high resolution and a decent frame rate with their new camera, in order to check its settings, reports Lad Bible.

Once the plane had passed over, however, a couple of things flit across the camera screen, which was slowed down and zoomed in.

The owners of the camera said, “They are very different, one is flying at a constant speed on a straight trajectory and the second one makes more turns.”

They added that the exposure and contrast of the camera were slightly adjusted for better visibility.

“Also, the reason I was testing the camera was to try to catch the unusual activity that has been seen recently around Charlotte, NC. Much more frequent the last 2 months,” they said.

Some of the readers were convinced by the pictures and claims, saying, “Very interesting. SOMEBODY WITH MORE BRAINCELLS THAN ME ANALYZE!” and “Congrats, UAP spotted,” UAP being ‘Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon’, the US official title for a UFO.

Not everyone, however, is convinced and while one person has said that the image looked like of a ‘high flying bird’, another said, “A close by fly or piece of dust.”

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New Delhi, Feb 6: Jammu and Kashmir has been turned into Afghanistan by the BJP which is using bulldozers to demolish the homes of poor and marginalised under the ongoing anti-encroachment drive, former Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti alleged Monday.

Addressing a press conference here, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) chief appealed to Opposition leaders in the country not to be a mute spectator to the "atrocities being committed by the BJP".

She alleged the BJP is using its brute majority to weaponize everything and "bulldoze" the Constitution.

"Palestine is still better. At least people talk. Kashmir is becoming worse than Afghanistan the way bulldozers are being used to demolish homes of people. What is the purpose of demolishing small houses of people," she said.

Mehbooba said that according to the government even the centuries-old Shankaracharya Temple and cantonment built by the erstwhile Maharaja are also on encroached land.

The PDP leader said Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha may claim that the houses of poor will not be touched during the anti-encroachment drive but his message is not being heard on the ground as dwellings even with tin sheds are being demolished.

She said the initial call for 'Ek Samvidhan, Ek Vidhan, Ek Pradhan' has given way to 'one country, one language, one religion' where there is no Constitution.

Voice of anyone speaking about the Constitution is being crushed, she said.

"Was removal of Article 370 in accordance with the Constitutional provisions?," she asked.