Dharwad: “It’s very difficult to bring two bottles of liquor from neighbouring state. Then how did huge quantity of 350kgs of rdx come to Pulwama of Jammu and Kashmir”, former minister Vinay Kulkarni asked.

Speaking to reporters here on Wednesday, Kulkarni said that if such a terror attacked was occurred during Congress regime, the BJP people would have sat dharna. But now, they were silent which shows their patriotism, he ridiculed.

Observing the recent developments in the country, the people were in favour of the Congress. People have understood the reality of ‘Chowkidar’. The Pulwama terror attack was a fine example for the failure of the central intelligence, he alleged.

It would be very difficult to bring two bottles of liquor cross the check-post from neighbouring Goa. But how could such a huge quantity of RDX come to Pulwama? Where is the country now, he asked.

During elections, BJP people would create ruckus for any issues. They do not have development agenda. In order to cover-up its failures, the Modi government has been engineering communal clash between castes and religions, the Congress leader said.


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Pune: A rooster's crowing annoyed a woman to such an extent that she walked into a police station in Maharashtra's Pune district and demanded action against the bird and its owner, an official said on Sunday.

In her application submitted at the Samarth police station on Friday, the woman, a resident of Somwar Peth area here, said her sleep was getting disturbed due to the cock's crowing at dawn every day in front of her house, he said.

"We have received the woman's application. When we checked, we found she does not stay at the house, which belongs to her sister. She had come to her sister's house for a few days and left the place after submitting the application," he said.

When the police approached the woman's sister, the latter downplayed the incident, claiming her sibling was a little "eccentric", he said.

The official said no formal complaint was registered so far in the matter.