New Delhi, July 29 : Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Sunday said he will, on Monday, sign the CCTV file in which he will ensure that the cameras are installed at a location approved by the public without any licence required.

Kejriwal had called RWAs and market associations from across the city at the Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium here to interact with them over the installation of CCTV cameras in the national capital.

He not only took suggestions from the public on the CCTV project but also raised certain questions before the audience.

Announcing that he will "sign the CCTV file on Monday as the public wants him to do so", Kejriwal received an enthusiastic response from the gathering when he said he "will sign the file by writing that people of Delhi want no licence for the CCTVs".

The public also welcomed his statement that women will decide, in a general body meeting of all the stakeholders, the points where CCTVs should be installed.

He suggested that the recording of the cameras should be with the police, RWAs and the Delhi government.

During the address, he said: "I am not saying everything will improve, but the situation will improve by 50 per cent if entire Delhi is under CCTV cameras."

Later, speaking to media, Kejriwal said: "In a democracy, the public is the head. There is no logic behind the licence rule for the camera installation. This will only increase the corruption. Once the people refuse, there will be no need for the licence."

"Ensuring women safety and reducing the crime level is Delhi is our priority. The public will decide if they want CCTV or not. Police, LG, or BJP will not decide."

Saying the public wanted him to do it, he also tore a report of a committee, formed by Lt Governor Anil Baijal, which suggested that the Delhi Police will be the custodian of all CCTV cameras in public spaces in the capital, including ones to be installed under AAP government's CCTV project.

The CCTV project proposed by the Delhi government will cover all RWAs and market associations of Delhi. Each RWA/market association shall have cameras to cover their respective areas.

The power supply to the cameras, with day/night vision, will be from any of the resident(s) nearest to the unit. The Delhi government will bear the monthly electricity charges.

There will be approximately 2,000 cameras per assembly constituency in all 70 constituencies


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Bengaluru, Sep 20: The alleged rape of a minor girl by a migrant labourer from West Bengal and the demand by the girl's parents and local people urging the police to hand over the accused following his arrest led to tense moments at a police station here.

The minor was allegedly raped on Sunday by Saurav Mistry, a 23-year old labourer from 24 Parganas in West Bengal after he took the five-year old girl on the pretext of showing her a video on his mobile phone.

The girl returned home crying and complained to her parents about the accused. Subsequently, the parents approached the police and lodged a complaint. The police acted swiftly and arrested the migrant worker.

By then, the parents had alerted the neighbours, who gathered at the Sanjay Nagar police station demanding that police to hand over the man to them.

The crowd dispersed after the police assured them that they would ensure justice to the victim and punishment to the accused.