Bhatkal: Following the victory of the Congress candidate in the Bhatkal-Honnavar Constituency, supporters gathered at the Bhatkal Shamsuddin Circle with green and saffron flags to celebrate the Congress victory. However, pictures from the spot soon went viral across social media platforms with claims that the people were carrying ‘Muslim flags’ and some even claimed that they were carrying Pakistani flags, which could potentially create a communal divide in the region.

Vishnuvardhana N. IPS, Superintendent of Police Uttara Kannada District, has made it clear that the flag used by the supporters was not a Pakistani flag, and it was, in fact, a religious flag that the individuals used at their own discretion. He also added that no complaint was filed or action was initiated in this regard as the officers on the spot had already confirmed it was not a Pakistani flag.

Speaking to Vartha Bharati, SP Vishnuvardhana urged social media users to refrain from spreading rumors and posting sensitive content that could lead to a law and order situation in the region. He said, "It was a religious flag, and it was not a Pakistani flag. We have confirmed it, and we request the social media users not to share any misleading information that could create communal unrest."

Imran Lanka, the Bhatkal Majlis-e-Islah wa Tanzeem’s Political Wing Convener, added that there is nothing called a "Muslim flag" as Islam does not have any official or celebrated flags. He stated that the flag used during the rally of celebration on Saturday was not a Pakistani flag. Only some fringe elements are trying to give a communal twist to the situation by spreading lies. 

According to the reports, some of the Muslim supporters had joined the rally carrying green flags to portray unity among the local Hindus and Muslims as the Hindu supporters had brought saffron flags to the rally. This was in fact meant to indicate that the two communities had played an equal role in ensuring the victory of the Congress candidate.

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Dubai: Dubai travel authorities have tightened entry guidelines for visit visa holders stressing on the necessity of carrying essential documents and funds.

According to tourism agencies interviewed by Khaleej Times, travelers on Dubai visit visas are now required to possess Dh3,000 (67,947.75 Indian Rupee)in cash, a valid return ticket, and proof of accommodation.

Firoz Maliyakkal, founder and CEO of Tahira Tours and Travels, spoke on the significance of these requirements and stated that travelers must ensure they have a valid visa, a passport with at least six months' validity, and a confirmed return ticket. Additionally, they must carry sufficient funds equivalent to Dh3,000, along with proof of accommodation in the UAE, which can be in the form of a relative's or friend’s residence or a hotel booking.

While this regulation has been in place for some time, recent enforcement measures aim to enhance monitoring and compliance among travelers. Libin Varghese from Rooh Travel and Tourism said that stringent checks at airports aim to prevent overstaying and promote transparency within the tourism sector.

Instances of travelers encountering difficulties due to non-compliance have surfaced. Abin S, a tourist arriving from Cochin International Airport, was unable to provide sufficient proof of accommodation and had to endure a four-day wait at the airport before returning to his hometown. Similarly, Indian tourist Abhishek was denied boarding at Cochin International Airport for failing to meet the documentation requirements, resulting in financial losses and the need to rebook his flight to Dubai.