Mangaluru:  Bearys Institute of Technology (BIT), and Bearys Enviro Architecture Design School (BEADS), on Saturday, organized their 9th and 2nd annual graduation day respectively at the Bearys Knowledge Campus here at Innoli, Mangaluru.

Final year students of both the colleges and BIT Polytechnic were given certificates and mementos as they completed their respective courses.

Sharad Sanghi, the CEO of NTT-Global Ltd. Mumbai, delivered the keynote address and advised the students to always think long term , set goals accordingly and consistently work for that with honesty, integrity and empathy. “It is very important to know what your goals are and what you want to do, to become successful. When you do that and work hard to achieve it that is when the success comes to you” he told the fresh graduates.

He shared his life experiences with the students and said he knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur and that he worked for it to become what he is today. 

“When I graduated I had an idea about what I wanted to do. And I worked for it. I was not afraid to fail, so I failed a few times, I faced it, moved on, and continued what I always wanted to do. And eventually, things worked in my favor. So the lesson is that you should not be afraid to fail. You should face your failures and keep working hard. It is also important that we nurture relationships with clients, employees, and everyone” he added.

Speaking about Syed Mohamed Beary’s contribution to the education sector, Sharad said Syed Beary was an inspiration. “I know Syed Mohamed Beary professionally for a long time. He has pioneered sustainable development and  ‘Green Buildings’ projects. His contributions in the field of education are revolutionary. All this has left a great imprint on me and he has inspired me and my wife in many ways. His contribution has triggered a thought in us about doing things to bring in a change in the society ” he added.
Sharad Sanghi also released the college’s memoir for the year. 

Another guest at the event, Dr. Umamaheshwar Rao, Director of NITK Surathkal,  shared important tips to become successful professionals. He remarked that the students should make sure to keep the pride of their parents and they should ensure that their parents are as happy always as they are on graduation day.

He also explained the importance of taking an oath as a professional and how people should strive to keep their oaths and respect it. “People sometimes forget the importance of the oath they take after graduating as a professional. You should always uphold the oath you have taken. This is the age of technology, and most of you are from Gen Z and carry at least one smartphone wherever you go. What is important is, you should not let technology take over you. You should always make sure you are the master and technology is the slave. If you let technology become your master then it will consume you,” he advised students.

“If you pet a lion and you don’t take control over it, one day the same lion will eat you. It is the same with the technology, you should always keep it under check and not get too carried away in your smartphones and other techs,” he elaborated.

NM Salim of NM Salim and Associates, Calicut, and Mangaluru MLA UT Khader were also present at the event and addressed the students on the occasion.

In his presidential address, Chairman of the Bearys Group, Syed Mohamed Beary said that the purpose of students studying in colleges should be to gain knowledge and not just employment. He asked the students to respect nature, adding that if we do not respect nature, nature will not respect us.“Wherever you go, whatever you do, you should always use the application of mind with a purity of heart. That is what we try to teach young minds at the Bearys Knowledge Campus” he said while advising students to lead an empathy-driven life.

“When you get into your profession you should be dedicated to delivering excellence with consistency. Your excellence should not be one-off or occasional, every time you work, your work should be excellent, and that is how hard you should work. You should follow the principle of 3Ps. Purpose, Passion, and Perseverance. Your work should always be compelling with these three factors,” he further added.

Speaking about giving back to society, Syed Beary said people should be more concerned about Individual Social Responsibility than Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and focus on individually giving back to society.

Trustees of the group Ashraf Beary, Siddique Beary, Mazhar Beary, Heads of various departments of BEADs and BIT, Dr. Aziz Mustafa, Dr. Abdulla Gubbi, Prof. Zaheer Ahmed, Prof. Absar, Dr. Anjum Khan, Ruksana, Prof. Anas, Prof. Chandrashekhar, Dr. Shameer, Prof. Siddappa, Prof. Firdous, Ashwini Shetty, and others were present during the event.

BIT Principal Dr. S.I Majur Basha welcomed the guests while BEADS Principal Ar. Ashok Mendonsa presented the vote of thanks.
Alumni of the Institutions Poornesh and Abdul Mohammed Naushad joined the event online from Australia and Canada respectively and shared their views on BIT and BEADS.

Adira compered the event which concluded with the rendition of the national anthem by Afra Anjum.

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