Udupi: The Udupi district which was affected by heavy rains until last night has found some relief this morning. The flood-affected areas have seen steady withdrawal of rainwater as the torrential downpour has stopped, bringing much relief to the region.  

The folks who faced disruption due to yesterday’s floods are now returning home, to resume normal routine, now that the rain has momentarily stopped. Many villages in the four taluks of the district have reported flooding and the flood-affected neighbourhoods are reportedly filled with sludge. Although some families have returned to their homes, others are still seeking refuge in the relief center. 

The heavy rainfall from the night before has caused the city’s drains to fill and overflow. However, the water has receded by 50percent at the Bannanje-Garadi roads near the Udupi Mutt. 

Udupi district has witnessed unprecedented rainfall over the past two days. Much of the district faced flooding on Sunday. Several regions such as Udupi, Brahmavara, Kaup, and Karkala taluks were affected by the flood. 

More than a thousand homes were waterlogged in the neighbourhood. And several hundred homes were damaged in the course of this extreme rainfall. The cow shed owned by Krishnappa Poojary has partially collapsed due to the heavy rains at MatadabettuKopparathota.

Udupi’s Suvarna River, Sita River, and Udyavar’s Paapanaashini rivers were overflowing due to Sunday’s downpour, which resulted in the flooding of areas surrounding these rivers. However, as of today,  the water levels of these rivers have decreased and the floods have steadily receded.

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Mangaluru:Former Congress MLA Mohiuddin Bava on Wednesday claimed he received a call from an unknown person objecting to his participation in the ongoing Navaratri celebrations at a temple here.

Bava, who had represented from Mangaluru North segment, said he has lodged a police complaint about it.

The Congress leader said he visited the Gurupura Ambika Annapoorneshwari temple at Bajpe here and took part in the rituals following an invite by its priest.

Later, he got a call from a man, who identified himself as Anil from Mumbai and raised objections to his visit, saying It's not Nehru period, it's a Modi period, Bava alleged.

"A Muslim should not go to the temple, a beef eater and Muslim should not visit temple," the caller had told him, he claimed, adding the conversation was recorded by him.

Bava said he told the caller that he went to the temple on invitation and added he had not differentiated between communities in his political life.