Anekal: In a ghastly accident that occurred on Monday, a Tipper transporting gravel fell on top of a nearby car after the driver lost control of the vehicle resulting in the death of two passengers inside the car around 7 am, near the Attibele-Hosur Main National Highway Toll. 

The driver of the Tipper Lorry transporting small gravel stones allegedly lost control of the vehicle causing the vehicle to roll over and inadvertently crush a car running beside the vehicle. Reportedly, the license plate number on the crushed car indicated it was registered in Tamil Nadu.

The car which became destroyed in the accident had two passengers inside, who were horribly crushed to death. No information has been obtained regarding the deceased individuals.

The investigation aimed at identifying the deceased is underway.

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Kalaburagi: In a surprising incident in Mandevala village of Jewargi taluk, a procession held to commemorate the birth anniversary of freedom fighter Bhagat Singh on September 28 sparked outrage among the locals.

The procession, led by Vyju Sahukar Murganur, featured images of national leaders such as Bhagat Singh, Kittur Chennamma, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, among others.

However, the use of pictures depicting Nathuram Godse, the assassin of Mahatma Gandhi, and Veer Savarkar during the procession stirred anger and shock among onlookers. Photos of the event quickly went viral on social media platforms.

Local police, have reported that the organizers did not obtain official permission to conduct the rally, further adding to the controversy surrounding the event.