Singapore:  An Indian yoga instructor here has been sentenced to nine months' jail and a fine of 1,000 Singapore dollars for molesting a woman.

Rakesh Kumar Prasad, 26, was sentenced on Monday after he was found guilty of "outraging the modesty of a woman" and "using criminal force on her", the Strait Times reported on Tuesday. The trial in the court began in 2016.

Prasad, who was trained and certified in Kolkata, reportedly cupped and pinched his assistant manager's breast while she was doing yoga on April 26, 2015.

Despite the woman's resistance and being told to stop, Prasad molested her again in a similar manner.

In his submission, Deputy Public Prosecutor James Chew said: "The victim ... did not leave the class or seek help immediately because she was in a state of shock and disbelief. She felt helpless in that environment and did not know what to do.

"She had felt violated and embarrassed by the accused's actions and was in disbelief that this could happen to her in a yoga class," Chew said.

The court heard that while the woman was walking out of the studio after the class, Prasad grabbed her neck and pulled her backwards. The woman alerted the police the next day.

Defence lawyer Steven Lam pleaded for a nine-month jail term for Prasad and stressed that the touches were "fleeting".

The Indian national, according to a report in Channel News Asia, plans to appeal against his conviction and is out on a bail of 16,000 Singapore dollars.

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Mangaluru: The National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers (NABH) has granted NABH accreditation to Unity Hospital, with effect from December 2, 2020, which is valid up to December 1, 2023.

NABH is a constituent board of Quality Council of India, set up to establish and operate accreditation programme for healthcare organizations. NABH is an institutional member as well as a board member of the International Society for Quality in Health Care (ISQua) and the hospitals accredited by NABH will have international recognition.

Accreditation in healthcare goes beyond just infrastructure for a hospital. It is about process and outcome.

NABH standards for hospitals provides a framework for quality assurance and quality improvement at all levels and across all the functions. It calls for compliance with the laws of the land, seeks to question how the objectives of patient safety & infection control are achieved.

The accreditation process started a few years back and with the continuous dedication and hard work of every staff of the Unity Hospital.

Its NABH journey started in the year 2017. They received entry-level, NABH accreditation in the year 2018. The full NABH accreditation milestone was achieved in 2020.

So far, NABH has accredited only 725 hospitals in the country and Unity Hospital is the 723rd in the list. This makes Unity Hospital, the fifth hospital in the city to get full NABH accreditation.

Unity Hospital was established in 1978 under the leadership of its chairman and medical director Dr C P Habeeb Rehman with the aim to provide patients with a safe, economical and comfortable environment to avail healthcare services.

Since its inception, they have been consistently providing high quality and up-to-date preventive and curative health services to a population spread across the western coast of Karnataka and northern Kerala.

The NABH accreditation strengthens the vision of the hospital - ‘To be recognised, respected and be the most preferred health care service provider’ and the hospital’s mission – ‘To provide patients with quality healthcare services in a comfortable, caring and safe environment’.

The challenges ahead for healthcare providers are many. Unity Hospital’s pursuit of excellence is insatiable. Their journey of delivering safe and quality patient care will continue with enthusiasm and dedication.