Mangaluru: Pilgrims who traveled for Hajj through the Hajj Committee have alleged that they are experiencing major hardships, and that despite their appeals to authorities and representatives, they are receiving inadequate responses.

Earlier the pilgrims complained about proper accommodation being not arranged in Makkah and now, similar issues have arisen in Mina, with an even more dire situation. The Pilgrims claimed that they were being treated as if they had been given the opportunity to perform Hajj through the free quota of the government.

Mumtaz, a resident of Moodbidre, recounted the experience of her daughter, Amatul Ahad, and son-in-law, Muhammad Hisham Irshad, who left for Hajj from Bengaluru on May 22. Mumtaz claimed that both his daughter and son-in-law faced a lot of problems in Makkah and Madina, she said, “The problem is double in Mina. There is no proper bus system from Azizia to Mina. It was instructed to be ready at 3:30 pm on June 14. But the bus came and took the pilgrims the next day. The bus, which was supposed to reach Dhul Hajj in the morning on the 8th, reached after noon. Consequently, they could not access their tents in time, forcing many to wander around on the bus.”

“Despite the government collecting the fixed amount for the pilgrimage, essential arrangements were missing. Pilgrims were not given metro bus passes, and there was a severe lack of drinking and bathing water as well as adequate food. My daughter even sustained a leg injury, but there was no medical treatment available. She was forced to walk 25 km on one occasion, while my son-in-law had to sleep on the streets due to the lack of accommodation. Help finally came from pilgrims from Maharashtra who shared their camp with them,” she added.

Mumtaz further mentioned that her daughter and son-in-law were not the only ones suffering and that around 40 others faced similar problems. She also claimed that several pilgrims from across India reported such issues.

Mumtaz also alleged that attempts to draw attention to these problems have been futile, as officials have not taken responsibility. She stated, “The government, despite receiving the full amount for the pilgrimage, failed to provide necessary facilities, leading to an unsatisfactory Hajj experience. Communication was also hindered due to the unavailability to charge mobile phones.” Mumtaz also urged the government to take appropriate action on behalf of the Haj pilgrims who are facing problems.

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Mysuru: Four people sustained injuries on Monday afternoon when a wall at the back of the Olympia Theater collapsed, causing debris to fall onto street saree vendors in Onduvare Anna Lane.

The injured individuals, identified as Satish, Tabrez, Harman, and Shakib, were taken to KR Hospital, where they are currently receiving medical treatment.

The Olympia Theater, an aging structure built with mud, has fallen into disrepair. Screenings at the theater had been suspended, and renovations were underway to repurpose the building for a clothing business.

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Recounting the incident, Satish, one of the injured vendors, said, "The incident took place between 12:45 and 1:00 PM. Suddenly, the wall fell on us, and the two boys were buried under the mud. Another youth was injured while rescuing them."

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