Mandya: After the video of one Hijab clad student calling out “Allahu Akbar” against hundreds of men in saffron shawl inside a college campus in Mandya went viral across social media platforms, the student Muskaan Khan was the spotlight of every news channel.

It is revealed that certain Kannada news channels were reportedly spreading fake claims about Muskaan while portraying her as an accused in the Hijab row leading to widespread outrage.

A report published by Public TV on their website was titled “Student who shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ flies abroad after deceiving the police”.

Varthabharathi’s team carried out a fact-check on the matter and discovered that police approval was not required for the travel of the student. Mandya district senior police officer Yatish N told VB that there were no cases registered against Muskaan.

Meanwhile, several Kannada channels have reported the matter in line with the Public TV report (Screenshots below).

According to our findings, Muskaan has been on a pilgrimage with her family since 25 April. However, keeping this at the helm of affairs, several media platforms are spreading fake news against Muskaan, framing her as an accused in the Hijab controversy.

“PES College student Muskaan Khan does not require police permission for a Saudi tour. Her travels are personal. It has no link with us. Also, no complaint has been registered against Muskaan or her family so far,” said Mandya district senior police officer Yatish N to Varthabharathi desk.

Recently, DCP Bhimashankar Guled had warned several news channels for spreading fake news over the political colouring of a murder in Bangaluru which was in fact done due to personal enmity.

However, the news channels seemingly continue to spread fake news despite warnings.

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Mangaluru: Continuous rainfall in Dakshina Kannada including Mangaluru, is now posing threat to the low-lying areas with flooding if the rain continues for next few hours.

Incidents of wall of the houses and compound walls collapsing, have also been reported from several areas since Wednesday night.

Similarly, cracks were also spotted on the Maravur Bridge following which the Deputy Commissioner instructed the PWD Executive Engineering to visit the spot and inspect the bridge on Thursday morning.

Due to the drainage issues, several areas in Mangaluru including Kottara Chowki were experiencing water logging causing traffic jams and panic among the locals who fear flooding if the rains do not stop.

In several other areas, homes have also been inundated with rain water putting the houses on risk of damages. Residents in these areas were evacuated and were shifted to other localities temporarily.

The Deputy Commissioner also declared holidays to PU and Degree colleges due to rains on June 30. He also added that the decision on declaring holidays to schools and other colleges will be taken after assessing the situation in the district by Friday morning.